Friday, November 30, 2007

The End

11:05 p.m. / 23:05

Today is the last day of National Blog Posting Month, 2007.


Okay... just kidding, but I was tempted. NaBloPoMo is something I do in the name of fun, but there are still days when I just don't want to write. Today is one of them. I can't quit now, though! That would be sort of like dropping out of college a month before graduation! Oh, God, that's an awful example. See, there are reasons I don't want to write tonight!

So, I don't know how the other two-time NaBloPoMo participants feel, but this year was totally different than last year for me. Hardly ran into anyone new at all, but then that has a lot to do with me and some technical difficulties. I enjoyed what I did read, though. Many thanks to Fussy, of course, for organizing this circus for the second year in a row. Congratulations to everyone else who found time, energy and inspiration to post ever day this month, and nice try (better luck next year?) to everyone who didn't quite make it. Okay... I think that about does it; I shall now go on hiatus until next November. Only not really.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Almost There

10:33 p.m. / 22:33

So, tomorrow is the end of this year's NaBloPoMo. That's handy because I'm running out of stuff to write about. Okay... probably not really, but it feels that way tonight. I'm kind of ready for bed, but every time I try to sleep my coughing gets really bad. I barely even have a cold at this point, but I'm getting less and less good sleep. The part I really don't understand is I can lay in bed and watch a movie or read and it's not so bad, but I can't sleep well because when I turn out the lights and I just start coughing. Is it a psychological thing? Or is it just that I'm paying too much attention to the coughing because I have no other distractions? I don't know what the deal with that is, but I do know you don't want to read anymore about it.

I have my house inspection bright and early Monday morning!

I spent what felt like a lot of time this afternoon at work teaching a man to copy & paste in his e-mails.

Okay, that's enough randomness for one night.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Me, Alphabetically

10:41 p.m. / 22:41

Meme Time! You knew it was coming.

Rules: List a word that describes you for every letter of the alphabet. Offer as much or as little explanation as you wish. Please keep the words positive (for example, don't use "fat" for F or "lame" for L), and feel free to get creative. Tag as many or as few people as you wish.

Well, I finally came up with all 26, but I think I used a lot synonyms.

Bad-ass (This one's a flat out lie.)
Dedicated (to... something...)
Environmentalist (emphasis on mental)
Friendly (Like Casper; only I'm not a ghost.)
Government, Employee of the (public library --> public funding)
Homeowner (almost)
Juicy (Not really, but it seemed the most accurate of these.)
Knowledgable (lil' bit)
Loud (This can come in handy every now and then.)
Minty (Not really, but that would be kind of cool, right?)
Nice (Does Santa Claus read blogs?)
Organized (every now and then)
Particular (That's not negative, right?)
Queit (This can come in handy ever now and then too.)
Vegetarian (ovo-lacto)
Writer (This is writing, damn you!)
Xcellent (Like, totally!)
Yummy (maybe?)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Truly Worth Your Time

7:00 p.m. / 19:00

Well, maybe not. But I still think everyone who hasn't already done so should go over and watch the um... interesting... vintage 80's U2 video that my friend j-dog put up at [Insert Snappy Title Here].

No! *&%^$%! Blogger!

12:01 a.m. / 00:01

I don't really understand how it happened, but the previous post was published UNFINISHED. So you might want to re-read it or something. To say I'm pissed right now is kind of an understatement.

Monday, November 26, 2007

My Job & Sex

11:58 p.m. / 23:58

When I started working for the library as a bookshelver, I was a remarkably innocent 19-year-old, very nearly 20-year-old. Although I didn't mind (I've never been big on censorship), I was astonished to learn that the library has books not only about sex in a general sense (Sex for Dummies, etc.), but books about men having sex with men and women having sex with women, masturbation, oral sex guides and all manner of between-the-sheets (or wherever) activities. Even though I didn't mind shelving these enlightening how-to's, I was awkward about the occasions when I'd find myself having to transport just one by itself across a room or something, because someone might see me carrying around a big book about sex and think that I was checking it out... OH. GOD.

I've moved past that. Today I was just tickled silly... um not like that... when a 20-year-old college boy whispered to me that he needed books for a paper he was writing about the effects of pornography on relationships. He was whispering, but I went about my usual way talking at normal volume, and maybe I imagined it, but I think he was concerned as I lead him to my desk and then down an aisle with the books I'd found for him, that I might say out loud, so the whole library could hear, that he was getting books about porn.

Later, The Bloodhound Gang's
Hefty Fine was sitting on my desk, for like, the hundredth time, waiting to be sent across town for a hold. Have you ever seen this album? The cover consists of almost nothing but a very large naked man. I got to thinking about how it never bothers me to have it on my desk; that I never worry someone will think I appreciate the picture of the large naked man or that the seemingly innocent library girl is a Bloodhound Gang fan. Okay, actually, I very much enjoy their song The Bad Touch. I was in awe of it when it was a new song.

The next thing that happened was a nice lady came and asked for books about party games for a Christmas party that would be all ladies abut her age. I was using the search term "adult party games" to weed out the million children's party books we have. I found a couple of books for her, and she said she wondered about looking on the computer. I said she might try using Google. She said she might do that, and just search for "adult party games". I thought about it for a minute and decided it would be best to warn her that might get her some very adult games. She was worried about that because, according to her, it's illegal to have that on your computer and what if it's just an accident? I wasn't sure how to explain it isn't actually illegal, so I just said it'd be alright if she just left any such site right away. Oh, gosh, I hope she doesn't find this if she does google "adult party games".

I just had a lot of reasons today to think about how my response to sex books, naked men on album covers and stuff like that has changed over the past six and a half years.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm A Slug

10:10 p.m. / 22:10

I'm kind of using the excuse that my cold has taken a turn for the worse, but really I've just been a slug today. I've done almost nothing but read and sleep. I'm trying to motivate myself to really do something tonight before I have to go to bed, but now I have a headache on top of everything else. I did get out for a little bit to help my mom with her computer at school and buy the rest of the stuff I need to my Christmas craft project. There's just so much I could be doing if only I knew how to motivate myself.

I still haven't finished setting up my new computer, although that's due in part to a debate with myself over whether or not it's worth transferring the wireless adapter now that I know I'll be moving in a few months. Should I try to keep using this computer until February, or is that just silly? I'm just not sure how I'll feel about it if I move the adapter and it doesn't work in my new computer, because it would probably be silly to buy a new adapter now.

For some reason, maybe because of the holiday season, I keep thinking about people I haven't talked to in too long. There are people, not many, but there are people I haven't gotten around to telling about my promotion, or that I'm buying a house and finding out what they've been up to. I need to get a gift for a friend who's baby shower I had to miss. Somehow I have that cataloged along with e-mailing old friends.

I need to clean. I really, really need to clean. My dad wrote "dust me" in the dust on top of my TV cabinet one evening when he was putting back a DVD he borrowed. Besides, if I start cleaning and organizing now, packing and moving will go better.

I think the ibuprofen I took is starting to help the headache, but it remains to be seen if I can get through the fog that comes from laying in bed with a cat most of the day.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

NaBloPoMo *Sigh*

5:40 p.m. / 17:40

I wonder some days why I do NaBloPoMo. Both this year and last year the month has been filled with average or below average posts. I have nothing at all that I really want to write about tonight. I don't know what makes Saturday different than any other day of the week, but for some reason when I work on Saturday, I do not want to blog when I get home. I suppose part of the problem is that I do tend to have plans of some sort and whatever time I have in between work and said plans, blogging is not how I want to spend it. Who knows, maybe here in the last week I'll write some really rockin' posts, but that seems unlikely.

Speaking of NaBloPoMo, the chart I created last year is still doing its thing back in this post.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm Thankful For Leftovers

4:55 p.m. / 16:55

Not a lot to say today in my sleepy post-Thanksgiving state-of-mind. I'm having dinner with friends at Old Chicago Pizza, because Norahs1213 is in town for the holiday weekend. I've been talking (typing?) via the internet with J-Dog and EvilDucky about my little house. J-Dog is sad because I won't have possession yet when she comes to town for Christmas, so it might be a long time before she gets to see it. EvilDucky is excited because we'll sort of be neighbors... just a few blocks apart!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ye Olde Thanksgiving Post

11:37 p.m. / 23:37

I hate posting on Thanksgiving. It hasn't really been an inconvenience this year or even last year, since I've been at home both times. It's just that I always feel compelled to try and write something meaningful about the holiday. I suck at writing meaningful things. It happens once in awhile, but usually when I'm not trying. If I try to be meaningful, I just suck.

So, did everyone enjoy their dead bird or tofurky? I'm already into the green bean casserole leftovers, although I'm kind of wishing I'd gone for pie instead. My mom makes great pies.

Alright, that's plenty to keep me in NaBloPoMo for another day.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


11:25 p.m. / 23:25

The little house is going to be mine! I still have to get through the inspection and all of the nitty gritty, but it's going to be mine if I can survive all of that. Have I lost my mind? I said I wasn't buying a house... I said it just months ago, but clearly I'm buying a house. It's an adorable house. Like I said before I don't run around calling everything adorable. I only say it when I mean it. Expect pictures in January.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Watching The Clock

9:40 p.m. / 21:40

Well, I'm feeling kind of icky again, but at least that's distracting me from thinking too too much about how by 6:00 p.m. tomorrow I'll know if my offer on the little house has been accepted. I think a part of me would be relieved by a rejection, but most of me would be very disappointed. Oh, I'm yawning a lot. The anticipation is killing me. I'm a little achy again. Oy! I'm a mess. House-buying is scary shit. Marriage is the only thing scarier that I can think of; especially in terms of commitment.



11:45 a.m. / 11:45

I'm feeling noticeably better today. I have the day off of work, so that helps. I'm planning to talk to my realtor about making an offer on the little house. So... that's what's going on. I plan to write a longer post later on today; I just thought I'd let everyone know the ick is backing off.


Monday, November 19, 2007


9:46 a.m. / 09:46

This is just a quick post, because I seem to have come down with some sort of ick, and I don't know if I'll feel like posting after work tonight. Also not a lot of time right now. So, without further ado, I give you Gizmo:

Sunday, November 18, 2007


8:00 p.m. / 20:00

I told everyone two and a half months ago when I was promoted & given a notable raise that while yes, I would certainly be moving out of my parents' home, I absolutely would not be buying a house. Then I started looking into apartments a while back. They all seem like such a compromise. I can pay too much and have washer and dryer hook-ups, but no cat. I can pay less, have a cat, but be paying extra for it and have no washer and dryer hook-ups. I can live near work in a lovely spot with a cat, but not have washer and dryer hook-ups and no balcony / patio. I did finally find one that offers washer and dryer hook-ups, allows cats, has a balcony and a few other nice things, but the rent is at least as much as a house payment would be, maybe more, and it is farther away from work than where I live now, or anywhere else I've considered living.

And then there is the amazing tiny house. I have almost no complaints at all about it. I'll admit the location is not where I ever imagined living, but it's a good enough neighborhood (I know a thing or two about good and bad neighborhoods), and evilducky lives just a few blocks away. It could have smaller yard, but it's not a big yard. The kitchen features cow print wall paper below the chair rail, but that isn't permanent. The rooms could be a little bigger, but how much space does one person need? These things don't bother me as much as lack of washer/dryer hook-ups, cat tax, landlords and all the other apartment nonsense.

I probably won't share pictures unless I actually do buy the house, but here's the flyer description: "Cheerful, beautifully renovated home w/full basement. Solid hardwood floors, new vinyl in kitchen and bath, freshly painted in uplifting colors and all new windows. New kitchen cabinets and countertops, new black gas range and refrigerator, new fanhood, chair rail and white trim. Bathroom updated with new sink, comode and tub/shower. The basement is waterproofed and has a lifetime transferrable warranty. New windows were added in the basement. New 1.5 car garage was built in 2002, has adjustable built-in work bench and shelves, and includes a garage door opener w/2 controls. Newer furnace and A/C, new water heater and upgraded electrical 100 amp service. In 2004 a new deck and patio were built, along with new landscaping. Charming front porch and fenced in back yard. Adorable home in move in condition."

It really is small, that's pretty much why it's in my price range. I'm okay with small, though. That means less up-keep and lower utility bills. Anyway, I could ramble on forever about this, and I probably will in the future, but I'm done for now.


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Call Me Chicken

4:57 p.m. / 16:57

I think I want to buy the adorable little house I've been enthusing about. Maybe. Probably. There's just one major problem... I'M CHICKEN!

More on the chicken & the coop later.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Water Lilies

6:49 a.m. / 06:49

I have always thought water lilies are really neat. I took these pictures in August at the Chicago Botanical Gardens.

A giant cabbage!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

No Bacon & Eggs For My Feet

9:20 p.m. / 21:20

I just thought I'd share one of the most bizarre pairs of Chucks I have ever seen.

Check This Out

9:17 a.m. / 09:17
The results of Pimp My Bookcart 2007 are in, and some of the carts are pretty cool!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dinosaurs In Paradise

9:05 p.m. / 21:05

This is the cake I made and wrote about briefly a few weeks ago that prompted outrage* among many of my local readers.

* I took it to work for a food carry-in when one of our best people left for a better job, instead of inviting my friends over to have a peice.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sheep For My Feet

11:08 p.m. / 23:08

So here are my new shoes! I've cheated and used a picture from ye olde web, but I decided a professional photograph would show off the print much better. I'm really not sure they match anything I own. Talk about an impulse buy! I was getting some nice sensible brown shoes for work, and they were having a buy one, get a second pair half-price sale.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Hangin' Out

11:46 p.m. / 23:46

I'm over at a friend's house. It is totally, completely his fault that I am not posting much of anything tonight. I swear. But at least he's letting borrow his laptop so I can get something up here.

I'm still not explaining about yesterday, but I'll just say it was bad except I hung out with so many of my cool friends. Today got worse and then better. Things are just fine now; neutral.

There are books I need to share with you, so you can look forward to that. I'm working on a couple of memes that velocibadgergirl has tagged me for. Those are supposed to be easy, but I always wind up having a hard time with them. I got a new pair of Chucks on Saturday and I want to show them to you. So, that's the stuff you have to look forward to when I stop being a bum! I'm sorry; I really couldn't write yesterday.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Not Tonight

7:48 p.m. / 19:48

No real post tonight. I'm sorry; it wouldn't be prudent to tell you about my day. That's all.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


3:45 p.m. / 15:45

It's Saturday; otherwise known as Day 10. Sleeping in felt good! I got a form letter from the army today. Of course, that's probably my fault for sending a tablet of form letters to someone in the army. Alright, it was a bad joke. Let me explain: I sent a tablet of pre-printed, fill-in-the-blank letters to a friend currently abroad with the army, and naturally one was sent back to me.

Anyway, I have pictures to share today. Sorry about the mess.

Old Computer:

New Computer:

Remember when I said I checked out a book about Windows Vista? And remember how I said I was skipping the first three chapters? Actually, I can skip most of the book. Apparently it's not just for people who haven't used Vista before, its for people who haven't used any version of Windows before. Have you ever noticed that with each version of Windows, the accessories never really change much? For example, Paint on my new computer is pretty much like Paint on my old old Windows 95 computer.

Well, I have a check book to balance (more or less) and pants to purchase, so I'll be going now.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Stop Touching Me!

4:15 p.m. / 16:15

Break time again.

So, this woman was in earlier and was standing beside my desk while I looked up books for her, and she kept patting me on the shoulder. Why?!

Fashion Backward

9:54 a.m. / 09:54

I have a co-worker who likes to critique my fashion. Lucky for me, he isn't here today. This outfit looked fine in my head when I decided I was too tired to do laundry last night, but today I feel mismatched. I'm wearing a green-brown sweater with gray corduroys and brown Chucks. I really don't match.

I'm on break, so it's okay that I'm blogging at work again, by the way.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

It Had To Happen Sooner Or Later

11:25 p.m. / 23:25

I guess I was just kind of hoping for later. Here we are folks; day eight of National Blog Posting Month. I have no idea what to say tonight.

Today at work was almost as boring as yesterday at work, except for the part where I looked down and there was some many-legged insect crawling around my lap. I made a disgusted noise, jumped up, brushed it to the floor and smashed it beyond identification.

One or two of you might be looking for an update on my housing situation. It's more or less on hold. I feel like I'd be deciding to rent, except that I haven't found anything I want to rent, and there's this charming house... and yeah, mostly I'm still confused. And picky; damn am I picky! I had no idea, but then it kind of makes sense in a way. I mean, I'm not going to be out on the streets if I don't pick a place tomorrow. I've learned more about first-time home buyers' assistance. I've also realized that since I'm living with my parents, I could save a small down payment pretty quickly. So many choices; it's all very confusing.

I decided to find a book about Windows Vista at work today. I found that I can skip the first three chapters since they cover stuff like using drop-down menus and saving documents. Mostly I want to know about some of the new stuff like the photo gallery. So more or less I'm still in the getting comfortable phase with my new computer. Keep in mind, I've not quite spent an hour with it yet. I'm just trying to get familiar with what's already there before I start adding stuff. It was kind of funny when I bought it because the sales guy was fussing because there wasn't a display model to show me, but I didn't really care, I just wanted to get it and go, and that confused him for a minute. I guess most people want to talk about it before they buy it.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bored With A Capitol B

6:38 p.m. / 18:38

I am at work. I should not blog at work. I do not have any actual work to do, though. I have created tasks for myself. I've straightened books 001.42 LENBU through 220.15 HAGEE. That's not even my job. It's just that they're near my desk and it was something to do. In a little bit, I'll print out the list of items to be sent out tomorrow for holds. After that, I'll probably walk around and gather up the books that have been left out during the day, even though that isn't my job either. I could read professional magazines, but I've reached that stage of boredom where reading anything is hard. It's really just as well I've about cleaned out my Google Reader for the time being; I couldn't take much more of it anyway. Well, I guess I'm going to go see if there are any "new books" to shelve, since that actually is my job. Honestly, though, I had no idea how bored and even lonely I would get out here in the evenings when I'm on my own at the reference desk.


Computer Ramble

10:37 a.m. / 10:37

For those of you not aware, I blog from an eMachine computer still using Windows ME operating system. I'll wait while you laugh.

I can still remember how exciting it was when I unwrapped this computer, easily the most expensive birthday present I've ever had, six years ago (in 2001). Actually, I was kind of in shock. My mom was worried I was disappointed because I didn't get really excited right away, but it was just shock. I had a new computer?

I was at the time using a Compaq Presario that was made in 1995 but bought second hand for me in 1999. It used Windows 95 and the monitor was attached to the the actual computer in a very permanent way. Once I had to have a new hard drive installed at a local shop, and they couldn't find it when I went to pick it up. They were just starting to look embarrassed and worried that they'd lost my computer when I mentioned the one they were looking for would have a monitor attached. Instantly, every staff person knew exactly which computer was mine and where it was. Actually, even though I was very pleased and excited to get a new computer for my 20th birthday, I really loved that old Compaq. It was quirky, as am I, and we seemed to have an understanding about that.

I've been thinking about a new computer for a couple of years, and seriously considering a new computer for something like six months. Sunday night I nearly bought a Dell, but by the time I got to check out and I'd made a couple of slight adjustments and they'd added tax on, it was more than I felt comfortable spending right now. I was too tired that night to go back through the process again with the less expensive model, so I just went to bed. In the morning I had an e-mail from Evil Ducky saying she went through the Sunday ads with her dad (he knows computers) and he'd circled two computers he thought would be good for me. So, last night I bought a new Compaq Presario with Windows Vista Home Premium. It's pretty exciting, but honestly when you've been on the same machine for over six years, it's a little scary too. It's all set up on the floor behind me. It will take a little bit for me to get my stuff off of this computer and on to that one, plus I'll have to open them both up and and move my wireless adapter. I'd rather not wait a month, but that kind of operation makes me nervous during NaBloPoMo!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Lynne Cheney And David Hasselhoff

7:45 p.m. / 19:45

Where can you find two such different people together? At the library! Organizing books by subject does not do as much as one would think for keeping odd pairings / groupings like that from happening. This afternoon I was sitting at my desk being amazed by the fact that I seem to have been given a raise to do less work than I did before, when my gaze turned to the "new books" section. There on display in the biographies were David Hasselhoff's Don't Hassle the Hoff: the Autobiography and Lynne Cheney's Blue Skies, No Fences: a Memoir of Childhood and Family. I just thought "How odd to see those names together!". Try to imagine the person who might check both books out.


Monday, November 05, 2007


9:18 p.m. / 21:18

I know it's not the highly anticipated presidential election, but tomorrow (Tuesday, November 6, 2007) is voting day, at least where I live, so please go vote! If you don't vote, you don't get to complain later. Also, I heard recently that in general, young single women do not vote. I am a young single woman and I vote. If I don't, I feel like I'm saying I don't matter. Think about it.

To get in the voting spirit, I recommend watching the movie Iron Jawed Angels, about the women's suffrage movement. Iron Jawed Angels is an excellent movie. I know at least one person will read this and think to herself that she doesn't like movies that don't take place in modern times, but please, trust me, this one is a good one. It's very modern in spite of taking place nearly one hundred years ago.

Something else I think you'll enjoy is If They Only Listened to Us: What Women Voters Want Politicians to Hear by Melinda Henneberger. This is easily the most un-dry political non-fiction I have ever read. It's a book about real women from many different social and economic backgrounds discussing the 2004 presidential election. I don't know what, if any, lasting impact this book will have, but I just felt good reading it. There's not a lot of detailed description of what people look like or the surroundings, but in each place the author visits, I felt like I could see the scene perfectly. Before I had a chance to read the book, I heard the author speak here in town at the main library. She said the book was not a ten-step plan for victory in the next election and what it was instead, but somehow it wasn't until I began reading that I understood what she had done and how neat it was. I should mention that this is absolutely not a book just for women. I understand that is probably more appealing to women, but I honestly think men can enjoy it and certainly learn from it as well.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I *Heart* U2. I Swear.

9:40 p.m. / 21:40

Last night while I was driving to Rabid Monkey's house a familiar song started to play on the radio. I knew that I knew the song, and was pretty sure it was a song I like, but I couldn't name it. I expected that when the singing started, I'd say to myself "Oh, that's it" and move on. The singing started, and I didn't quite guess what it was immediately, but I felt like something was wrong. I was supposed to know this song. Seconds later I knew it was Angel of Harlem by U2, but it was too late. A wave of shame was washing over me. How had I not recognized it the second it started playing? How had a still not recognized it the second Bono started singing? The initial hard-hitting wave of shame passed and I was able to enjoy the rest of the song as I drove along, but I am still feeling like a horrible fan.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


6:40 p.m. / 18:40

Well, so far this month I've tried to substitute quantity for quality by posting twice a day. Although that wasn't really my plan but it is what I've done the last two days. Tonight, however, I am substituting crap for quality. I try to be honest. I worked today... and I have a headache... and some other things I don't really need to whine about. If I can get past all that, I'm supposed to hang with Rabid Monkey, and that doesn't leave a lot of time for good blogging. If I get the chance, I might try to squeeze in a meme later. So... happy Saturday night?

Friday, November 02, 2007

Tired & Confused

11:00 p.m. / 23:00

Today I saw one apartment, three houses and talked to a loan lady at the bank. I am no closer to deciding what to do. I liked the aprtment. I loved one of the houses, the other two I'm not considering. Do I love the one enough to make that kind of commitment, though?

The apartment I saw was alright, but it didn't have washer / dryer hook-ups. The neat thing about it, is that it's near my job, but it feels like it's in the middle of nowhere. I crossed an apartment in a divided up house off of the list because they don't allow pets. I'm still hoping to hear from some people who have a duplex I called about yesterday, but since it's been more than 24 hours I'm kind of not expecting to hear from them. Should I try calling again? I also have the number of some friends' landlord to call and see about their building. So, I haven't exactly run out of options, but things are not feeling very promising right now. My mom said I need to look at more apartments and not jump into buying a house, but I'm having trouble finding apartments to look at!

The house... the house is nearly perfect. I worry a little about re-sale because it's tiny and only has one bedroom (even though it's listed as a two-bedroom), but it's just about perfect. The basement steps, although sturdy, are very awkward. Ideally, they'd be re-built eventually. That's my only real complaint. A house, with a yard, is much more responsibility than an apartment. Is it worth it? One of the great things, aside from it being adorable, in great shape with all kinds of new and re-done stuff, is that it comes with a stove, refrigerator, washer & dryer. I'd have to buy some rugs for the nice hardwood floors, but that would be cheaper than appliances, right?

Oh, I'm a mess.


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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Joy! It's NaBloPoMo Again!

10:00 p.m. / 22:00

In honor of the first day of National Blog Posting Month, I wanted to write something special. That isn't going to happen; I don't know what I was thinking. If you're new to A Work In Progress, welcome! If you're not new, welcome to you as well! I enjoy comments very much... I'll even let you criticize my writing if you'd like; I do! I admit, though, I'm very bad at responding to comments, other than I like to check out the blogs of first-time commenters.

If you read the posts below, you'll see I've begun a new job recently. If you read the posts to come, you'll learn about my search for new housing. I currently live with my loving, but none the less annoying, parents. Now that I've been promoted, I'm searching for my own place, but I'm picky... maybe too picky, and I'm also having quite a debate with myself over renting vs. buying. My friends and family are somewhat divided in their advice on the subject. I've lived with roommates at times, but I've never lived alone and I have to wonder if it's too big of a leap to buy a house right now. On the other hand, I'm supposed to see this adorable little house tomorrow. Hmm... just so you know, I'm normally one to use the word adorable.

Well, for everyone participating in NaBloPoMo, good luck!


Sad / Funny

1:06 a.m. / 01:06

From the local classified ads:

RING- diamond engagement ring .78 princess cut, w/ laser inscrip. purchased by mistake, $3200/best offer, or trade for jet ski

Now, I don't read the classifieds very often, so maybe it's actually normal to offer to trade jewelry for jet skis, etc., but it seems funny. Then again, I'm tired and possibly not totally in my right mind.

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