Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Computer Ramble

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For those of you not aware, I blog from an eMachine computer still using Windows ME operating system. I'll wait while you laugh.

I can still remember how exciting it was when I unwrapped this computer, easily the most expensive birthday present I've ever had, six years ago (in 2001). Actually, I was kind of in shock. My mom was worried I was disappointed because I didn't get really excited right away, but it was just shock. I had a new computer?

I was at the time using a Compaq Presario that was made in 1995 but bought second hand for me in 1999. It used Windows 95 and the monitor was attached to the the actual computer in a very permanent way. Once I had to have a new hard drive installed at a local shop, and they couldn't find it when I went to pick it up. They were just starting to look embarrassed and worried that they'd lost my computer when I mentioned the one they were looking for would have a monitor attached. Instantly, every staff person knew exactly which computer was mine and where it was. Actually, even though I was very pleased and excited to get a new computer for my 20th birthday, I really loved that old Compaq. It was quirky, as am I, and we seemed to have an understanding about that.

I've been thinking about a new computer for a couple of years, and seriously considering a new computer for something like six months. Sunday night I nearly bought a Dell, but by the time I got to check out and I'd made a couple of slight adjustments and they'd added tax on, it was more than I felt comfortable spending right now. I was too tired that night to go back through the process again with the less expensive model, so I just went to bed. In the morning I had an e-mail from Evil Ducky saying she went through the Sunday ads with her dad (he knows computers) and he'd circled two computers he thought would be good for me. So, last night I bought a new Compaq Presario with Windows Vista Home Premium. It's pretty exciting, but honestly when you've been on the same machine for over six years, it's a little scary too. It's all set up on the floor behind me. It will take a little bit for me to get my stuff off of this computer and on to that one, plus I'll have to open them both up and and move my wireless adapter. I'd rather not wait a month, but that kind of operation makes me nervous during NaBloPoMo!

Yay new computer!

And you're totally going to want to familiarize yourself with the Windows Easy Transfer.
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