Saturday, November 10, 2007


3:45 p.m. / 15:45

It's Saturday; otherwise known as Day 10. Sleeping in felt good! I got a form letter from the army today. Of course, that's probably my fault for sending a tablet of form letters to someone in the army. Alright, it was a bad joke. Let me explain: I sent a tablet of pre-printed, fill-in-the-blank letters to a friend currently abroad with the army, and naturally one was sent back to me.

Anyway, I have pictures to share today. Sorry about the mess.

Old Computer:

New Computer:

Remember when I said I checked out a book about Windows Vista? And remember how I said I was skipping the first three chapters? Actually, I can skip most of the book. Apparently it's not just for people who haven't used Vista before, its for people who haven't used any version of Windows before. Have you ever noticed that with each version of Windows, the accessories never really change much? For example, Paint on my new computer is pretty much like Paint on my old old Windows 95 computer.

Well, I have a check book to balance (more or less) and pants to purchase, so I'll be going now.

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