Sunday, November 18, 2007


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I told everyone two and a half months ago when I was promoted & given a notable raise that while yes, I would certainly be moving out of my parents' home, I absolutely would not be buying a house. Then I started looking into apartments a while back. They all seem like such a compromise. I can pay too much and have washer and dryer hook-ups, but no cat. I can pay less, have a cat, but be paying extra for it and have no washer and dryer hook-ups. I can live near work in a lovely spot with a cat, but not have washer and dryer hook-ups and no balcony / patio. I did finally find one that offers washer and dryer hook-ups, allows cats, has a balcony and a few other nice things, but the rent is at least as much as a house payment would be, maybe more, and it is farther away from work than where I live now, or anywhere else I've considered living.

And then there is the amazing tiny house. I have almost no complaints at all about it. I'll admit the location is not where I ever imagined living, but it's a good enough neighborhood (I know a thing or two about good and bad neighborhoods), and evilducky lives just a few blocks away. It could have smaller yard, but it's not a big yard. The kitchen features cow print wall paper below the chair rail, but that isn't permanent. The rooms could be a little bigger, but how much space does one person need? These things don't bother me as much as lack of washer/dryer hook-ups, cat tax, landlords and all the other apartment nonsense.

I probably won't share pictures unless I actually do buy the house, but here's the flyer description: "Cheerful, beautifully renovated home w/full basement. Solid hardwood floors, new vinyl in kitchen and bath, freshly painted in uplifting colors and all new windows. New kitchen cabinets and countertops, new black gas range and refrigerator, new fanhood, chair rail and white trim. Bathroom updated with new sink, comode and tub/shower. The basement is waterproofed and has a lifetime transferrable warranty. New windows were added in the basement. New 1.5 car garage was built in 2002, has adjustable built-in work bench and shelves, and includes a garage door opener w/2 controls. Newer furnace and A/C, new water heater and upgraded electrical 100 amp service. In 2004 a new deck and patio were built, along with new landscaping. Charming front porch and fenced in back yard. Adorable home in move in condition."

It really is small, that's pretty much why it's in my price range. I'm okay with small, though. That means less up-keep and lower utility bills. Anyway, I could ramble on forever about this, and I probably will in the future, but I'm done for now.


amazing tiny house
amazing tiny house

if you get it can we name it "Tiny"?

it is SO CUTE! I think you should go for it, even thought that means that I'll have to finally resign myself to the fact that you wont be moving to chicago in the near future.

does it have a basement?
Yes, it has an unfinished, but clean, bright & waterproofed basement.
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