Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bored With A Capitol B

6:38 p.m. / 18:38

I am at work. I should not blog at work. I do not have any actual work to do, though. I have created tasks for myself. I've straightened books 001.42 LENBU through 220.15 HAGEE. That's not even my job. It's just that they're near my desk and it was something to do. In a little bit, I'll print out the list of items to be sent out tomorrow for holds. After that, I'll probably walk around and gather up the books that have been left out during the day, even though that isn't my job either. I could read professional magazines, but I've reached that stage of boredom where reading anything is hard. It's really just as well I've about cleaned out my Google Reader for the time being; I couldn't take much more of it anyway. Well, I guess I'm going to go see if there are any "new books" to shelve, since that actually is my job. Honestly, though, I had no idea how bored and even lonely I would get out here in the evenings when I'm on my own at the reference desk.


"Too bored to read." I know that feeling! Especially too bored to read "professional journals" - when I'm feeling like that, I can barely focus on pictures in a magazine.
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