Thursday, November 22, 2007

Ye Olde Thanksgiving Post

11:37 p.m. / 23:37

I hate posting on Thanksgiving. It hasn't really been an inconvenience this year or even last year, since I've been at home both times. It's just that I always feel compelled to try and write something meaningful about the holiday. I suck at writing meaningful things. It happens once in awhile, but usually when I'm not trying. If I try to be meaningful, I just suck.

So, did everyone enjoy their dead bird or tofurky? I'm already into the green bean casserole leftovers, although I'm kind of wishing I'd gone for pie instead. My mom makes great pies.

Alright, that's plenty to keep me in NaBloPoMo for another day.

My serving of dead bird was mighty tasty. The dead sweet potatoes and dead cherry pie were just killer.
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