Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Maybe She Should Wear It

8:53 p.m. / 20:53

Maybe Mabel should wear my Summer Reading T-shirt since she seems to like it so much. I'm not that fond of it myself. I am, however, quite fond of the Summer Reading Program, which is now in full-swing. Right now reading and yard work are taking priority over blogging, but you know I can't stay away from here forever!

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Exercise Equipment

10:10 a.m. / 10:10

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spreading The Good Word

10:10 p.m. / 22:10

A week ago I played a new (to me) game with some co-workers and others. I loved it so much I got some friends* together last night to play it again. Now I'm telling you because if you like playing games, you'll like playing this one. I promise. It's probably the most awesomely creative game I've ever played, given that the players actually make the game as they go. You can read all about it here: 1000 Blank White Cards.

Below are some of the better cards from last night. I don't have my own scanner, so I picked them kind of quickly to send them home with someone who does. Therefore, they aren't necessarily the best ones and I'm regretting not finding at least one from each player. Everyone had some good cards, but I think half of these were made by the same person. Some how last night it seemed more important to pick one of each color. I can be silly sometimes.

*EvilDucky, Velocibadgergirl, Danger, MacGyver, RabidMonkey

Thursday, May 15, 2008


4:20 p.m. / 16:20

Sitting at my desk (at work!) thinking about three things:

1. Is Twitter digital crack? (It's down again!)

2. Am I ready to try adding salsa to eggs?

3. I'm blogging at work! I'm so bad...

Monday, May 12, 2008


10:10 a.m. / 10:10

I was never been a big fan of salsa. I usually prefer some sort of cheese dip for my corn chips. Recently, though, I've begun using salsa with everything but corn chips. Sometimes I use it on veggie burgers in place of ketchup. I've discovered it's yummy stirred into macaroni and cheese. Yesterday, I got almost creative and dumped a can of corn, a can of Mexican rice, a can of refried beans and a bag of, well, fake ground beef in a pot together with... salsa. I can hardly cook without it anymore.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Excruciating Detail

12:35 a.m. / 00:35

My Vacation Day with no plans, no car and no sun.

Woke up before 7:00 and tried for an hour to go back to sleep.
Finally got up and fed Mabel, then checked my e-mail.
Sat at computer with cat on lap with nothing really to do at the computer.
Ate corn flakes and watched the rest of Bridget Jones Diary (began last night).
Wondered under what circumstances I'd run out in the snow in my underwear.
Adorable kitty became menace-- chewed on mouse cord, rug and my foot.
Decided to crawl back into bed.
Napped with sweet Mabel and dreamed I had some sort of Macintosh laptop.
Argued with the cat again over cord & foot chewing; offended cat relocated to living room.
Munched on chips 'n dip; decided I NEEDED, not wanted, macaroni & cheese.
Ate white cheddar & whole wheat pasta shells with salsa mixed in.
Watched Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.
Decided however I was going to get my car back later, I'd probably want to not be in pj's.
Scooped nasty (duh) litter box.
Took shower & dressed. At last.
Brother called to say I could pick up the car whenever.
Started wondering who to pester to take me to get my car.
Read for awhile.
Mabel started pleading for her dinner.
Recognized I'd hit true boredom for the first time all day.
Sat down at computer to attempt entertaining myself.
Gave in to Mabel's demands for food; returned to computer.
Went out to check mail; no mail, but did find uprooted plant.
Got call from
EvilDucky; she offered to take me to get my car.
Began wondering in earnest about possible over-use, or at least boring use, of Twitter.
Went to get my car, came home.
Forced myself to sign out of Twitter.
Messed around on the computer for extended period of time while eating dinner.
Decided to go get ice cream.
Changed plans and decided to go to Barnes & Noble, Best Buy and then get ice cream.
Made unnecessary purchases.
Got invited to Starbucks by Teacher Incognito &
EvilDucky before I got ice cream.
Went to Starbucks and had a caramel frappi-thingy instead of ice cream.
Came home & signed into Twitter.
Put new Barenaked Ladies live album into computer; should have used CD player.
Moved Barenaked Ladies to CD player (sound quality issue) after importing it to iTunes.
Put Just Like Heaven in the DVD player, but only half-watched.
Played around with iTunes.
Drank hot chocolate and watched the rest of Just Like Heaven.
Went to bed.

Monday, May 05, 2008


9:36 p.m. / 21:36

I was outside for a long time today. I think maybe I was out there for too long relative to what I got done. I mowed the front and back. I trimmed around the fence, the flower beds and the trees. I pulled a few weeds. I swept the front porch, steps and sidewalks. I watered the flowers EvilDucky gave me and that I finally planted yesterday. That's all. I'm not sure that's five - six hours of work. Maybe this is because of my stubborn refusal to use a power mower or a weed whacker. Or maybe I'm just slow.

Things I did not get done: I did not sweep up the patio or pick up the pieces of the terracotta pot that broke there almost a month ago. I did not finish pulling out the weeds in the little corner flower bed. I did not pull out the bricks surrounding a little flower bed I think I want to go back to grass. Since I didn't get the bricks pulled, I didn't chop up the dirt and put down grass seed. I did not move the big sticks that were piled behind my garage after a winter storm so that I could at least deal with the over-grown grass there even if I lack the tools and / or muscle to deal with the big sticks right now. I did not plant any flower seeds.

Oh, yeah, and the mutant grass up by the house that was so pretty when it was crazy-long before I bought a mower? It's still kind of a mess and some of it is trying to die. My mother-in-law's tongue plant is struggling and usually it thrives outside. I also encountered large, kind of thorny dandy lions today. Oddly, once I'd found a way to grip them so it didn't hurt too much, they came much easier than other dandy lions.

On the whole, today was a positive experience. It was nice to be outside working without the pressure of having to be someplace later, or the threat of rain. I just wish I could have done more before I got so worn out.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Reasons & Contributing Reasons I've Been Late

12:30 a.m. / 00:30

1. lost track of time completely
2. forgot to do something super-important until there was no time left to do it
3. got confused about what day of the week it was, and therefore what time I was due to be there
4. alarm clock malfunction(s)
5. overslept in spite of alarms
6. set the alarm(s) wrong the night before
7. forgot to wash my heavy sweaters, that take forever to dry, the night before when it was too cold to not wear a heavy sweater
8. other wardrobe issues
9. flat tire
10. dead car battery
11 other car troubles
12. traffic
13. road construction
14. lady asking permission to take my aluminum cans out of my recycling

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