Monday, May 05, 2008


9:36 p.m. / 21:36

I was outside for a long time today. I think maybe I was out there for too long relative to what I got done. I mowed the front and back. I trimmed around the fence, the flower beds and the trees. I pulled a few weeds. I swept the front porch, steps and sidewalks. I watered the flowers EvilDucky gave me and that I finally planted yesterday. That's all. I'm not sure that's five - six hours of work. Maybe this is because of my stubborn refusal to use a power mower or a weed whacker. Or maybe I'm just slow.

Things I did not get done: I did not sweep up the patio or pick up the pieces of the terracotta pot that broke there almost a month ago. I did not finish pulling out the weeds in the little corner flower bed. I did not pull out the bricks surrounding a little flower bed I think I want to go back to grass. Since I didn't get the bricks pulled, I didn't chop up the dirt and put down grass seed. I did not move the big sticks that were piled behind my garage after a winter storm so that I could at least deal with the over-grown grass there even if I lack the tools and / or muscle to deal with the big sticks right now. I did not plant any flower seeds.

Oh, yeah, and the mutant grass up by the house that was so pretty when it was crazy-long before I bought a mower? It's still kind of a mess and some of it is trying to die. My mother-in-law's tongue plant is struggling and usually it thrives outside. I also encountered large, kind of thorny dandy lions today. Oddly, once I'd found a way to grip them so it didn't hurt too much, they came much easier than other dandy lions.

On the whole, today was a positive experience. It was nice to be outside working without the pressure of having to be someplace later, or the threat of rain. I just wish I could have done more before I got so worn out.

Did you covertly get hitched while I wasn't looking?
I was talking about a plant! A "Mother-In-Law's-Tongue".
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