Monday, May 12, 2008


10:10 a.m. / 10:10

I was never been a big fan of salsa. I usually prefer some sort of cheese dip for my corn chips. Recently, though, I've begun using salsa with everything but corn chips. Sometimes I use it on veggie burgers in place of ketchup. I've discovered it's yummy stirred into macaroni and cheese. Yesterday, I got almost creative and dumped a can of corn, a can of Mexican rice, a can of refried beans and a bag of, well, fake ground beef in a pot together with... salsa. I can hardly cook without it anymore.

salsa can be a vegetarian's best friend... i put it on baked potatos and sometimes eggs
now i REALLY don't wanna come over for dinner. ew.
Salsa's pretty awesome in mac 'n' cheese. Actually, salsa's pretty awesome on its own, too. Maybe we should start calling stuff with salsa in it 'salsome'?
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