Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sometimes Mabel Thinks She's People

10:15 a.m. / 10:15

I frequently find Mabel in my bed spreading her kitty hair all over my sheets. The day I took this picture, she was laying right between the top of the covers and the pillows, like she was waiting for someone to come tuck her in. Do you think my mom is right? Should, after all these years of protesting the notion, start making my bed everyday?

For the record, I've been making an effort to try and blog about things that are not Mabel. So if you're getting tired of Mabel posts, I'm working on it. But isn't she adorable?

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so cute!
actually, my mother requests more mabel pictures. sometimes she'll wander in while i'm on the computer and ask if anyone has new kitty pictures.
'Things that are not Mabel' will make an awesome post category. Thank you.
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