Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Absense Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

10:59 p.m. / 22:59

It's actually true sometimes. Mabel has been really rotten* the past few days, but tonight she's staying over at the veterinarians' office and I miss her and I'm a little worried about her. I'm wondering if I stood up for her properly today. She was originally scheduled to be spayed yesterday, but I called a week ago and told them I had made a decision on de-clawing-- that I wanted to go ahead and do it, but I wanted a specific doctor who's supposed to be really good at it (she was actually recommended by one of the other veterinarians in the same office). They said Tuesday is her surgery day, so Mabel's appointment was moved to today. When I took her in today, a doctor who was not the doctor I requested saw her. I'm wishing I asked if he would be doing the surgery, or if the other doctor would be doing it like I asked. It'll probably be on the paperwork tomorrow when I pick her up, but then it will have been done and what point will there be in fussing? I'll be pissed, but they can't re-do a de-claw. I haven't been feeling great about having her de-clawed, and knowing that that particular veterinarian was supposed to do it was one of the only things making me feel better. Anyway, I'm going to be glad to have her home tomorrow and I hope all of this won't be too traumatic for her. She was shaking when we first got in the office today, but she'd calmed down by the time I left. I'm being silly; she'll be fine.

*rotten = hanging from the living room curtains, fighting me when I unhooked her from the curtains and unrolling the toilet paper in the bathroom when I put her in there for a few minutes to chill out, plus other miscellaneous mischief

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