Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I Hate Drive-Thru

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Back in my ice cream shop days, I much preferred to work the drive through window. Now days, I'd be fine if they closed all of them. My reasons:

  1. Popular fast food restaurants, such as McDonald's, have lines that can actually block traffic on the city roads. I pass two McDonald's on my way to work that sometimes have lines out into the street.
  2. You can get stuck in them. A lot of them are set up so you can't pull out of line if you have a need to.
  3. All those idling cars? Seriously not good for air quality. They really should close drive-thru's on ozone alert days.
  4. It's probably not much up against a Big Mac or a Whopper, but walking to the counter from a car is more exercise than sitting in the drive-thru lane.
  5. I haven't done a proper study, but I've never found much evidence that going through the drive-thru actually saves time.
I'm willing to make an exception for pharmacy drive-thru's.


I used to saddle up on that horse, too, but now that I often have a 20 pound kid in a carseat in the back of my car, I really and truly appreciate the convenience of a drive thru now and again.
I agree with you for the most part. But if the line is really short, it might actually be more eco-friendly to do the drive through. Doesn't it take a lot of gas to actually start up the engine? I'm not sure on the details.
At some point, I decided that, where I live, the issue of air quality wins over the issue of using less gasoline.
at the mcdonald's near my house, where i buy breakfast whenever i work mornings, it definately saves time. this is because no one who works there gives a crap about serving the people at the counter because they are too busy dealing with the drive-thru orders.

almost anywhere else, i'd rather go inside.
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