Sunday, March 29, 2009


9:25 p.m. / 21:25

I know most people love silicone bakeware, but I've always been skeptical. It just seems like the type of thing that ten years from now we'll be reading is unhealthy. So when I received some silicone cupcake wrappers from my grandma tonight, I wasn't sure how to feel. Then I remembered reading
this earlier in the month. It's not exactly advocating for silicone bakeware, but it made me feel better about silicone all the way around. It doesn't sound horribly unsafe and as far as these cupcake wrappers go, I can actually save paper using them. I might still use paper sometimes if I'm taking cupcakes somewhere I'd be afraid to loose the silicone ones, but otherwise I'll probably keep using the silicone ones. Well, unless I find some horrible flaw in their function; I've already noticed the might be smaller than the paper ones I'm used to.

And now an unrelated, gratuitous Fizzgig picture, because I haven't posted one of him since he was tiny. He's almost 10 months old now; much bigger, but still growing!

This List Is More For Me Than It Is For You

8:45 p.m. / 20:45

Possible Reasons I Rarely Blog These Days:

  • I have less time. It's not the greatest excuse in the world; many, many people who are busier than I am find time to blog, but then again, time management is far, far from being one of my strengths.
  • I think of great ideas during the day at work, but then I'm too tired to care later. Lame.
  • I can no longer blog about work. At all. Ever. This is probably pushing it. There's been a big thing about social networking and what's considered public and what's not and it hasn't been pretty and I really cannot say anymore.
  • I blog as part of my job now. Not often, but when I do it's usually about books, which is was I originally wrote about here.
  • Life is good. Honestly, it's harder to write about the good times than the bad times. Also, I wouldn't want my blog to turn into some fluffy ode to my tiny house, my furry kitties and my wonderful boyfriend (who still needs a blog nickname). That's okay for others, but not for me; just not my style. I don't think.
  • I might just be loosing interest. This blog is about four years old. That's a long time for me to engage in any hobby. Reading is one of the only things that's ever stuck like that. Maybe blogging has run its course with me. It's not an idea I'm comfortable with, but it still might be true.
  • Facebook & Twitter. I never really got into MySpace, but I'm a little addicted to Facebook and Twitter, although I cannot use them at all during work hours anymore. Maybe in some way they are fulfilling whatever need blogging was fulfilling before.


Let's Just Get This Out Of The Way Here

8:20 p.m. / 20:20

My hope is that by devoting a whole post to this subject, I might, might not feel the need to complain for a sentence or two in every future post.


I understand that this is probably only annoying to me but isn't that enough? They say you have to blog for yourself, not for your readers. I've tried stuff to fix it too. I went so far as to mess with the html the first time I had this problem. It didn't help. So maybe I'm just doomed to inconsistent fonts. Watch... this one will probably post correctly just to make me look like an idiot.


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Lamest Post Ever

9:50 a.m. /09:50

I'll be honest right from the start here. This is a filler. This is just me telling you that I do, in fact, know that I still have a blog. I've even had things to write about lately, but I'm so out of the habit. It may take some time to reform. Also, I'm pretty frustrated that after trying multiple things on multiple dates, the font size on my last post is still wrong; it doesn't match the others. Who knows what this one looks like. Hopefully it looks right.


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