Friday, March 28, 2008

More Mabel

7:30 a.m. / 07:30

This week has been all about Mabel. Perhaps some people are tired of hearing about my cat, but other than going to work and other day-to-day routine, my week has really revolved around Mabel because of her surgeries. Last night she had me worried because it looked like she had spent the whole day while I was at work washing the area on her tummy that's stitched up because I wasn't here to tell her not to. I thought I might have to take her back in today, but it looks a little better this morning and she's certainly acting fine. She's sitting complacently in the papazon chair right now, which is a little odd, but she seemed more like her self when we first got up this morning. I kind of like that I get to hold her pretty much anytime I'm not doing something like dishes, laundry or eating, but it will be nice to see her running around all crazy again. That's when I'll know she's really feeling better.

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