Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year, New Books

11:00 a.m. / 11:00

I ended up with a total of $55.00 in Barnes & Noble* gift cards this year. With my gift cards + about $20.00 of my own money in the end, I purchased four books and a CD.

On my first gift card spending trip, I chose Book Lust To Go, Nancy Pearl's fourth such book, because I have compulsive need to own her books. I have her first two signed! Then I picked up a copy of The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton because one of the gift cards was from Mr. Bitter's mom and she was talking about her signed copy of The Outsiders the day she gave me the card. I added a Christmas CD, Christmas Spirit by Los Lonely Boys to the pile, checked out and actually left the store with some money still on one of the cards.

I went back on New Year's Day with the remainder I left with before, plus an additional $10.00 card and picked up The Invention of Hugo Cabret** by Brian Selznick and Sources of Light by Margaret McMullan. I'd nearly picked up Sources of Light on the first trip and couldn't stop myself the second trip. I originally picked up Hugo Cabret because I was thinking my mom had given me one of the gift cards and she loves that book. That's wrong, though, my brother gave me the card. However, since I really didn't want to go pick up a copy of GoodFellas from the movie section in honor of my brother, I went ahead with the book my mom loves. So, I went to make my purchases. I had overestimated how much was left on the one gift card and probably should have stuck to one book but I went ahead and paid the remainder to get both books. I felt happy driving away from the store with my new books in the backseat.

Mr. Bitter had quite a quantity of Barnes & Noble gift cards this year too and he put them together to claim Munchkin Quest: The Munchkin Board Game for his own. Haven't gotten to play it yet but looking forward to it.

*Where I live, there aren't really any independent bookstores to speak of. I have my choice of Borders or Barnes & Noble and generally prefer Barnes & Noble.

**The Invention of Hugo Cabret is the only Caldecott winner I'm aware of being shelved with juvenile fiction, rather than with picture books.


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