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Mugs are important in the winter time when I want to drink lots of hot chocolate and hot tea. I have here, in no particular order, just the order if which the photographs were uploaded, all 18 mugs in my single resident house. I'd get rid of some but there seems to be some reason to hang on to each one, even if I never drink from it.

The dice mug is actually Mr. Bitter's mug. He's my most frequent visitor and I decided he deserved a mug of his own.

This one says I HATE MONDAYS on the other side. I saw it sitting on top of my grandma's fridge one time and commented that one just like it had been my favorite mug in the staff room at work until the coworker who owned it, and most of the other amusing mugs, left and took it with her. So Grandma just gave it to me there on the spot.

This one is from snappyjdog. She visited New York City and the U.N. around the time I was participating in a model United Nations my final year of college and she brought me some souvenirs.

My mom made this one. There are more like it at her house. She told me to take this one when I moved out. It is, of course, one of my very favorite mugs.

This one came from my boss. We did a secret Santas thing two years ago and she had my name.
I recently found the note that was with it and I will share and edited (for privacy) version of it with you.

I had intended to get you a gift card for Pier 1 and wrap it in the mug, which I bought at a Pier 1 when I was setting up my first apartment. I bought a different mug for each of my friends, and one for myself, and a few spares. The idea was that each friend would have his / her own mug at my house and feel a little bit more at home there. Anyway, this mug was the one that was mine and is the only one of that set still in existence. But it has always reminded me of Pier 1 and of really good friends and my first place. And it seems like the right time to pass it on. I didn't make it to Pier 1 to pick up the gift card, so I've included that special kind of gift certificate that you can use at most any store.
The "special kind of gift certificate" was cash, if you couldn't guess. This one is one of my favorites too but it gets too hot in the microwave so I don't use it as much as some others. I need to start using my kettle more and then I can use this mug more. This was also the inspiration for getting Mr. Bitter his own mug.

Mugs from Target. That place is full of stuff you don't need but so, so want. I think I at least got the second one on clearance.
More mugs from Grandma. She gave me the God's Blessings Are Forever mug when I was confirmed in the 7th grade. She was my sponsor so she should be nagging me about not going to mass anymore but she doesn't, which is okay with me.

Holiday mugs: Saint Patrick's Day, Christmas, Halloween

Admittedly, as an Irish girl (50%, anyway), I celebrate Saint Patrick's Day year round, more or less, but I'm not sure I've ever used that mug.

The Christmas mug is another one from my Grandma, I think. I've had it a long time and my brother has one too. I actually like it and usually get it out and use it around Christmas.

Smiley mugs. I have a thing for smiley faces, although not as much as I used to. I think these might have all come from the florist my mom used to work for.

Aside from that Christmas mug, which I hadn't exactly thought of as just mine until I moved out, this is my first mug. It has tips for saving the Earth on the other side. It is a rare example of something I asked for at the grocery and actually got.

This is one of those cool mugs that reacts to heat. It's a global warming mug, so when you put hot chocolate or tea in it, the continents start to shrink as the ocean fills up. I never drink out of it because I think I must have some how cared for it wrong and the coating that makes it do its trick is slightly sticky now. It's another gift from snappyjdog.

I bought this one at a dollar store on the way to camp at a state park. I'd gotten word that all the people I was on my way to meet were running late so I was killing time when I stopped for lunch. I remembered I'd forgotten to pack a mug and bought this one.

your all mugs was nice.i like smile mug.really nice.
Is that Halloween one from the 8034B days? I think my spider one from back then got chipped, because I got rid of it somewhere along the way. Suddenly I kind of miss it!
I think the Halloween mug might be from when I lived with evilducky77 but I'm not sure anymore.
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