Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wednesday Notes

11:20 p.m. / 23:20

Feeling so overwhelmed by everything I need to line up by Friday afternoon I'm having trouble putting together lists of what needs to be done. I feel like it'd be good if I just went to bed. I know I'd think clearer in the morning but I don't want to wake up to this mess with no plan at all. I need to know where to start in the morning.

Work was weird tonight. I had a woman who's family is going through bad times and I nearly lost control. I thought I was going to cry and I kind of think she's the kind of person who'd have tried to comfort me and that just would have made it worse because she's the one with the problems that need comforting. I couldn't really find what she needed. I ended up suggesting she ask the therapist for title suggestions. Then even if we don't have them she can go through interlibrary loan.

Then later, one of our regular patrons, a little boy, told me he wasn't allowed to look at books tonight. I don't know what that was all about but I can't imagine a good reason for it. I heard his grandma tell him no books tonight but I hadn't realized she meant he couldn't even look at some while she was busy using one of our computers. It was odd too because I'd just found and re-read this post & attached comments this morning.

Oh, drat; I'm really not supposed to blog about work anymore. It's just that so much happens there!

I'm really feeling good about doing NaBloPoMo this year but I didn't want to get entirely away from writing with pen and paper, something I've been doing more of in the past year than I was for awhile. So, before work today I gathered my journal, a couple of letters from a former co-worker and a blank card. After work, I took myself to the cafe in Barnes & Noble where I wouldn't have a computer, cats, housework etc. to distract me. I wrote in my journal for a bit and then wrote a reply to the former co-worker who moved many states away two months ago. I have to say that while absolutely nothing else in my life has been organized this week, I planned and executed that exercise beautifully.


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