Thursday, November 25, 2010


10:00 / 22:00

I woke up in a pretty ungrateful mood. I think it had a lot to do with the weather and wanting to go back to bed even though there wasn't time for that today. Oh, yeah, and there was cat barf on the living room rug. I really had to work on being thankful for awhile this morning. Things got better and my mood changed and it was really an alright day.

So, while I try to be thankful every day, here are some things I've thought of today to be thankful for:

my parents, my brother and all of the rest of my family
Mr. Bitter
good friends
Mabel and Fizzgig, my cats
good books
my job and accompanying benefits
my co-workers, especially my boss and desk buddy
good music
my home
a working furnace
good, fun games
people who have a good sense of humor
my nice car
reasonably good health
tasty food

I hope you had someone to celebrate with today and that it was a good, happy celebration! Thank you for reading!

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