Saturday, November 06, 2010

Series: What Order Do They Go In?

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Author websites used to be my go-to resource for figuring out what order a series of books goes in. Most of the time this works but every now and then an author doesn't have a website or the books page isn't organized by series and it gets confusing. So what I usually do instead now is go to to Google and type in the author's name plus fantastic fiction. Fantastic Fiction is a British website that does a really good job of keeping up with nearly every author, their books and what order they go in.

Okay, time for an example. I'm going to use Nora Roberts just because she's the author who's come to mind here as I write. In actuality, her website lists her trilogies and series very nicely but I'm having a hard time right now thinking of an author who's website I've had trouble with. Anyway, if you go to Google and type in...

Nora Roberts Fantastic Fiction

...then her profile and book list will either A) be the first result on the list or B) pop right up if you've used the I'm Feeling Lucky button. This works nearly every time. Once or twice it's landed me on the profile page for one of the author's books but it's easy enough to navigate from there to the author's profile.

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