Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Thoughts Of A Half-Awake Person

7:20 a.m. / 07:20

When the November schedule came out at work and I saw I would have the day before Thanksgiving off, in exchange for working the Saturday after, my mind was filled with thoughts of laying around reading or watching movies. Now I'm realizing it might not work out that way but I should be able to squeeze in a little reading or a movie.

I don't think cats know how to savor their food. I fed them and then got my own bowl of cereal and about the time I settled in with it here at the computer, the cats entered the room and commenced synchronized post-breakfast bathing.

I'm going to see the new Harry Potter movie tonight. I've been seeing way more movie in the theater than I for awhile. I've seen four or five movies in the theater since August and that's really a lot for me.

I'm a slow eater and yet my cereal bowl seems to empty so quickly.

One of the cats is acting put upon because I won't let her in the bedroom this morning. She owns this house after all; it's just not fair!

I think I actually forgot for a few minutes that I have to go to work today. Time to post & run.

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