Monday, November 22, 2010

Oooo! Little Mermaid!

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I know a lot of moms would probably like to slap me upside the head for saying this but I wish they'd outlaw video screens in minivans, etc. or at least the ones that hang from the ceiling. I've heard people say those flashy new billboards that light up and change are too distracting and could cause accidents but I find it far more distracting to drive behind a minivan at night with The Little Mermaid or a Bugs Bunny cartoon playing. Kudos, though, to the family watching Bugs Bunny for choosing something so classic.

I understand it's supposed to me my responsibility as a driver to watch the road and not the screen in the car ahead of me but it's difficult. I mean, it is pretty much in my direct line of sight. It's not unlike being in a restaurant where a football game between two teams you've never heard of is playing on a television and you keep watching just because it's there.

I have a feeling this is probably less of an issue out on a highway or interstate; basically not city traffic. I may be able to concede the point that these irritating devices can by lifesavers for parents on long car trips but I suspect when I'm behind people in town they're just going to the grocery or somewhere. I rode along to the grocery without video many, many times and that's hardly the worst part of my childhood. I'm always a little shocked when I hear moms leaving the library ask their kids which DVD they want to watch in the van on the way home. I doubt many of them live more than 15 minutes away.

So, in conclusion, really not a fan of video in moving vehicles at this point in my life.

I agree with all of this post wholeheartedly. I would also like to add that I think having to "suffer" through long car trips without a video to watch is good for kids, cos they have to learn to be patient and just STFU sometimes, ya know? Play a game, read a book...or god forbid talk and interact with family members! Kids seem pretty spoiled nowadays. Also, my CAPTCHA for this comment is "tedicule". LOL.
Exactly. I've been on several long car trips, and I remember them being fun. When I was in middle school I had a walkman, but before that, I didn't have anything to "babysit" me other than books, looking out the window, or actually talking with my folks. Playing "I Spy" or the license plate game. Personally, I think even for the long trips, all those parents with DVD players are doing is having the TV babysit their kids, just like they probably do at home. And people wonder why Americans are so selfish...we're allowed to get away with is so much as children we don't know better!

LOL, and my CAPTCHA is "later"
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