Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jim Henson Is One of My Heroes

11:25 p.m. / 23:25

I have company tonight and they are distracting me way too much for me to really be able to write. So I'd like you to enjoy Jim Henson's La Choy commercial from early in his career. The dragon in the commercial is sort of like an early Big Bird, or at least the costume or puppet works about the same. I didn't know about the La Choy Dragon until I saw the Muppet exhibit currently up at the Museum of Science and Industry. I love him, though! I'm also posting one of the amazing Harry Belafonte's performances on the Muppet Show. He's working with Fozzie Bear and other Muppets to sing this song.

You're welcome for the distraction. :P
I didn't say it was a bad thing.
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