Friday, November 26, 2010

I Read Romance Novels

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I was never going to read stupid romance novels. Never.

That changed, though. I love romance novels now. I have a romance with the romance genre!

I've really been reading romance novels for a little over a year now, I think... or maybe closer to a year and a half. I know it had a lot to do with Beyond Heaving Bosoms: The Smart Bitches' Guide to Romance Novels by Sarah Wendell and Candy Tan. This book made me more interested in a genre, that if I'm being honest, had had me curious for years. Around the same time, I also thought maybe I should read some for professional reasons. I'm a readers' advisor and I didn't really know squat about romance novels back then. Before Beyond Heaving Bosoms and that little professional decision, I just read romance novels every now and then and usually tried to make excuses to explain that they weren't really romance novels. I think the number of romance novels I've read in my whole life has probably doubled in the past year.

I'm new to the genre and it's such an enormous genre that sometimes I find the romance section at the library or bookstore overwhelming. So many of them look good and I've hardly read any of them! Also, I haven't stopped reading all the other kinds of books I've always been reading so I'll probably never catch up. This has just compounded my problem of never being able to read all the books I want to read.

Let's see... I've loved Jennifer Crusie since back when I was trying to explain that I wasn't really reading romance novels. I like Nora Roberts more than ever. Lisa Kleypas is one of my favorites now. I wanted to love Katie MacAlister but I don't. Rachel Gibson, Vicki Lewis Thomson and Loretta Chase seem alright so far but I've only read one each of those ladies' books. Lynn Kurland is another good one, although her novels aren't as steamy as some people might want their romances.

I actually read one of those Harlequin series ones, one called The Cowboy's Baby by Patricia Thayer. It's part of Harlequin's Baby on Board series. That one I actually kind of regretted.

I don't know that I'm necessarily trying to convince you to read romance novels. If there's a lesson here, it's that you don't know if you don't like romance novels or fantasy novels or young adult fiction or memoirs or whatever category of reading if you've never bothered to read a few books from the category in question. It's don't judge a book by its cover on a broader scale.


Hear ya on the romance novels. I like the Katie MacAllister dragon novels while the one steampunk novel was revolting. I asked for the Brides Series for Christmas and love Jennifer Cruisie.
Steamed is one of the Katie MacAlister books I read. Actually, it's the only one I've finished. I tried to read Men in Kilts.It looked like a winner for sure but I couldn't even get into it. Might try The Corset Diaries before I give her up completely.
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