Monday, November 29, 2010

I Play Magic: The Gathering

11:45 p.m. / 23:45

Playing Magic: The Gathering is something else I never thought I'd do, much like reading romance novels. I thought it'd always be too out there for me. It's a good game, though... especially when I win. I only play with Mr. Bitter and don't have a strong desire to play the game with anyone else at this time. I tend to get things, mostly numbers, mixed up and might not be able to avoid feeling stupid playing with other people.

Opening a new pack of cards is like a little, tiny mini-Christmas. You never know what will be in there. Of course, that's one of the drawbacks to the game too; buying more cards all the time. If you're not playing in official tournaments (and I am so not) you don't have to buy new cards but most people do, from what I gather. It's hard to resist and it keeps things new and interesting.

I haven't spent a lot of time on deck building yet but I do know I don't like to let go of cards. My red and green deck is kind of ridiculously big because I can't decide what to take out. Most of my favorite cards are green but I really like Fling and Goblin Balloon Brigade from the red.

I need to come up with storage for my cards. Right now I just have stacks on a bookshelf.

My cat Mabel is pretty into Magic too. She likes to sit with Mr. Bitter while he sorts his cards. Sometimes we give her the advertising cards that come in booster packs to play with. I you flick one across the room, she'll run after it and pounce it and probably chew on it a little.

She's not as vicious as she looks in the picture. I think she was just meowing.

love that picture of Mabel!
"MY hoard. Back off, bitch."
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