Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Better Than The World Series

10:25 p.m. / 22:25

I really feel alive on Election Day. I get more excited about Election Day than I do about any sporting event. It's my thing, I guess. I've had C-SPAN on all night. Most of the people I voted for lost but I was expecting that. I'll just say I'm not a republican and leave it at that. It has still been an interesting evening.

I hope you voted even if I don't agree with you politically. I believe it's an important right to exercise. My boyfriend* voted for the first time today, although he only voted on the public question and abstained on the rest. It's progress, though. And, as he points out, with the right to vote comes the right not to vote. He at least has better reasons than just not caring. I just happen to disagree with his reasons.

Already looking forward to the next election and hoping we'll see some good things happen between now and then.

*He still needs a blog nickname. I've never come up with one; tempted to have some sort of contest.

Oooooh, a contest!! That could be fun!! :)
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