Sunday, September 07, 2008

100 Things (Part Eight)

10:18 p.m. / 22:18

72. I'm a sucker for office supplies, especially pens, pencils and markers.
73. I love cats but hate most "cat-people" stuff like kitten calendars.
74. I have two cats, Mabel and Fizzgig. That's probably obvious from other posts.
75. I more or less know all of the words to One Tin Soldier.
76. I used to know all of the words to the Anamaniacs theme song and I still know a lot of them.
77. I used to sing the national anthem in the shower all the time. I more or less grew out of that in college when I had roommates.
78. I hated shopping for clothes and shoes until sometime in college.
79. I can't pick favorite movies anymore than I can pick favorite authors, but some I might name are Dead Poets Society, The Breakfast Club, The American President, Norma Rae, While You Were Sleeping and Iron Jawed Angels.
80. I'm not sure if Georgia O'Keefe is my favorite artist, but I must like her since I have posters of three of her paintings framed in my house.
81. I have artwork made by several friends and family members in my house.
82. I went to Catholic school kindergarten through eighth grade and then went to public high school.
83. There were some really good things about going to Catholic school, but overall it wasn't very pleasant.
84. Breakfast cereal plays too large a role in my diet... so does macaroni and cheese.


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