Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mosquitoes Laugh

11:00 p.m. / 23:00

So, this weekend my dear friend EvilDucky is having her back porch screened in to keep it bug-free. Tonight we had this instant-message conversation:

EvilDucky: I just killed a mosquito in my bathroom

little bastards

me: And you think your porch will be mosquito free.

EvilDucky plans and mosquitos laugh.

EvilDucky: *grinds teeth *

me: I'm sorry; I shouldn't say that. It'll be a vast improvement, for sure.

EvilDucky: :P

I think she bit me on my arm

me: Now you'll turn into a mosquito!

Wait... that's that other thing...


EvilDucky: might be okay if I could BE one

I dont think they bite each other

me: :D

But you might try to bite me, so I'd have to try and kill you first.

EvilDucky: it'd be a fight to the death! however, if I bit you I could lay my eggs

me: This is getting weird.

EvilDucky: yeah, I stop now

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