Friday, April 25, 2008

Back In The Day At The Ice Cream Shop

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This may or may not be common knowledge around the blog here, but before I went to work for the public library, I worked in an ice cream & sandwich shop. While talking to a friend last night, I started remembering a lot of the stuff that I encountered working there, especially the odd stuff.

If I asked you how many double scoops with chocolate almond on the bottom and orange on the top you'd make in three years, you'd probably guess 0, right? In my experience, the answer is quite a few. Towards the end, I think I actually thought about trying the combination myself to see if there was something I was missing.

I was often curious about things the customer did repeatedly... like ordering pineapple shakes and blueberry shakes even though we didn't have pineapple or blueberry. One night I got so curious about the blueberry I got out the phone book and called around to find out who was serving those. Also, it turns out pineapple shakes are delicious, so I can understand wanting one, but please, read the menu, then order.

Which reminds me: butterscotch vs. carmel. Where I worked we had carmel, but not butterscotch. People frequently ordered butterscotch and then when told we didn't have it change to carmel and tell us it was the same thing like they couldn't believe how dumb we were. It really is not the same thing.

Last but not least: pronunciation of almond and pecan. Some people like to pronounce the al- part of almond like the name Al. Some people, often the same people like to say pecan as pee-can. No, no, no. These are right up there with liberry. I never got used to it really; I'd wince every time.

It's caramel. Not carmel.
No such nitpicking from me. However, I will do my best to work 'liberry' into casual conversation (and - sorry - blog posts) on a regular basis, from this day forward.
sorry to disappoint you, but pronoucing pecan as pee-can (or the Al-mond thing) is a perfectly acceptable regional pronunciation difference, sorta like the great carmel/care-a-mel debate.

liberry, on the other hand, is like worshington. unless you mean it as a joke, it's just wrong. while i never say worshington, i often refer to it as the liberry as a joke.
I'm going to have to agree, pineapple shakes are quite delicious! As is going to Sonic and getting a Sprite with pineapples in it. Oh man is that good!
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