Saturday, April 12, 2008

9 To 5 At La Biblioteca

9:40 p.m. / 21:40

Actually, I never work 9 to 5. Does anybody?

I've often thought about writing a Day In the Life of Library Girl post, but inevitably, there are stretches of my day were I do... nothing. That's hard to write about. So instead I will share with you some of today's highlights:

I started my day by eating cake for breakfast and then almost falling back asleep on the sofa with Mabel.

My cell phone started ringing when I neared the library. I think everyone knows that on Saturday mornings I'm either at work or asleep, so this was a little odd. It was my friend The American Mutt*. It seems he had been behind me somewhere in traffic and he thought it odd I chose to turn off at the light, and not further down. Mostly I think he wanted to say hello.

I arrived at work only average late, not really late.

After getting my computer going, I set myself up with my favorite staff mug with coffee and hot chocolate. Unfortunately, I couldn't take it to my desk.

I put away new books, put out the newspapers and cleaned up another poetry book for the display.

While I was cleaning up the poetry book, one of the shelvers hid the mug of coffee one of the clerks had been drinking. Great. That was sure-fire sign that my coffee was going to disappear too.

I went back to my desk and started in on the magazines that the magazine shelver had left on my desk yesterday to be withdrawn from the system. I sat there zealously ripping the back covers off of them (barcodes to be sent downtown) when I decided to flip over a copy of Organic Gardening and consider saving it for a friend. What I saw was shocking. It was the new issue. I started checking the other magazines. I had ripped the back covers off of almost all of the new magazines that came in yesterday while I was off. The magazine shelver had stacked the ones to be withdrawn right on top of the ones that were new.

I went looking for the shelver to kill him. He thought I wanted to kill him because he had indeed hidden my mug of coffee and hot chocolate. No, I wanted to kill him because I was going to have to tape all those back covers back on. I'd have made him do it, but I was more comfortable with doing the work myself. Honestly, it was kind of funny. I had some trouble keeping a straight face while I explained that he is never again to stack withdrawal magazines on top of new magazines. Also, I could tell by his shock that my anger was unrelated to the coffee hide-n-seek that it had been an honest mistake.

I ate leftover pizza and started reading a new book on my 20-minute lunch.

I asked two of the shelvers what it meant that everyone unknowingly uses an algorithm to give change using the smallest number of coins possible, but I sometimes give weird change on purpose, especially back when I worked in an ice cream shop and ran a register all the time. The best answer one of the boys gave is that I must not like monotony. He said it's like starting at the end of your shelving section instead of the beginning.

My Monday night Bible Man kid showed up and I didn't realize who he was until he asked for Bible Man videos because it wasn't Monday night.

My art history teacher from college stopped in with a stumping reference question. She's trying to find a place to rent one of those lights that's kind of like the bat signal, only not.

There were people selecting movies up to closing time... not all that odd for a Saturday.

After work I bought potting soil and re-potted a plant before I even went inside to feed Mabel.

Now, right now, I'm awaiting the arrival of velocibadgergirl to watch some Sex & the City and eat leftover cake from the other night when basscomm came over.

*The American Mutt does in fact have a blog, but as he's never posted even one tiny useless crappy post, there's not sense in linking to it.


now wait. you're telling me that on multiple occasions more than one of my friends (including you) were at your house, WITH CAKE, and no one bothered to call me either time? no freaking fair!
Hmm... you make a good point.
There's probably some left.
Amazingly, it is all gone. We're not gonna talk about how much of that cake I ate. Not gonna.
Yum. Cake...
LMAO @ giving change comment.... weird and random, but also somehow interesting, comments like this are one of the many reasons you're awesome! (mmmmmmmmmm CAKE)

PS: OMG the word verficiation thing is being particularly evil to me today...
Hey, you're awesome too. Sorry about the word verification thing.
you know why people give change like that? because people want to be given change like that. they don't want to have eight coins when they could have 3. i will totally give someone like 3 or 4 dimes if it means not having to go get a roll of quarters, though.
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