Saturday, March 22, 2008

Adventures All Over The Place

11:30 a.m. / 11:30

Where to start? I suppose I'll just go chronologically.

Okay, I try to be vague about where I live, but it says right at the top of my sidebar that I live in Indiana, so unless you're oblivious, you know that much. It rained a lot in much of Indiana this past Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as other parts of the now-soggy midwest. So far it hasn't affected anyone I know (except for evilducky and her ever-flooding basement), but there is serious flooding going on around these parts. I myself live in walking distance of a sizable creek, but where I live there is a levee, and so far it's doing a good job, but I can freak myself out if I think about it for too long. I am very thankful for the levee, though. A lot of the flooding areas are along the same creek, but in newer areas where people started building without extending the levee.

Wednesday morning while the rain kept coming, a man came to check around my stove for gas leaks because I've smelled gas in the kitchen a little every since I moved in. He found a small leak and fixed, because well, that's what you do with gas leaks, but he acted like it wasn't really a big deal. It's true that everything worked fine before; I could cook without blowing up the house. However, I do not smell gas anymore and I just feel so much better about using the stove.

Thursday was a big day in Indiana. As flood waters continued to rise, Senator Hillary Clinton arrived to campaign. We're all very excited that our primary is actually going to matter this year, at least for those voting democrat. I'm not sure if our (many) local republicans like John McCain or not, but he's who they've got. So, Thursday was a big night for watching the television since there was major campaigning going on right here in my very own state, but later I boiled eggs to dye.

While the eggs started to heat up on the stove, I got into the drawer where I keep kitchen towels, etc. I'd always dreaded this drawer, because bending down to open it, I could not ignore the gas smell. The gas smell now gone, I was able to open the drawer without any nightmarish ideas of what might happen if I didn't remember to have someone look at the stove soon. But then I opened the drawer and inside were potholders and an oven mitt that are not mine. I was feeling very Twilight Zone-y until I remembered that the stove guy took that drawer out, and these probably belonged to the previous owner and had fallen back behind the drawer. So it all made sense in the end, but seriously, do you know how weird it is to open a drawer in your house, where you live alone, and find stuff that you've never seen before?

Because I hadn't had enough excitement, I had to screw up making hard boiled eggs. I won't go into why I thought they were done, but I did. I decided to dissect one just to be sure, though. I placed a paper towel on the kitchen counter and proceeded to roll the egg on it while applying pressure. The egg was not done; not at all. This resulted in my smashing a raw egg with my bare hand on a paper towel. Say it with me now, DISGUSTING!

On Friday, I took the eggs to work and dyed them on my lunch hour in the room that's normally used for story hour. It's a pretty safe place to make a mess. One of the bookshelvers had never dyed eggs before, so I wanted to do the dying at work so she could see and participate a little bit. It all went pretty well except another shelver tried to hide the eggs and I might have offended the vegan shelver.

I was curled up in bed this morning around 1:00 a.m. just dozing off when I heard sirens. Then there was a rushing sound, which might have just been a plane flying over, but I also heard a loud crash. In my half-asleep state, I though maybe a plane had crashed. But, no there really weren't enough sirens for that. Something was going on, though. The sirens seemed to have moved on, but there was a faint flash of lights on my garage. I decided to get up and look out the front window for more information. There was a total circus going on out there on the cross street just down from my house. I called evilducky, who lives near by because I though the sirens might have woken her up anyway. Alas, I woke her up. I haven't seen anything in the news saying what went on, but it must have been a chase gone bad, because I could see a wrecked police car.

So, those are my adventures.

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