Monday, February 11, 2008


6:00 p.m. / 18:00

Dear Mother Nature,

In this modern world of high tech communication, would it kill you to give us a heads up on what you're planning on doing? You don't have to tell everyone, but maybe you could tell city officials. From the look of the roads, no one bothered to tell them it was supposed to snow this afternoon.

With love & respect,


Dear City Officials,

Looking at the roads, most especially that rather large and busy one that runs east-west across the city, I would have to assume you're all locked in a windowless room without access to radio, televison or inernet news. However I did see a couple of salt trucks as I drove across town so this must not actually be the case. Perhaps you were in a windowless room until 4:00 p.m.? I have never seen the major roads so bad!

With no love & minimal respect,


Dear Car,

Why, I ask why, is your check engine light on again? Did I just confuse you by driving home more slowly than I ever in my life have before, or is this that thing it keeps coming on for that my dear brother mechanic is having trouble figuring out?

Your owner for the past three years,


Dear Radioactive Jam,

Just wanted to say than most of the time I have no problem with living in Indiana and Florida is really not somewhere I've ever considered living and I don't really even want to visit Florida. Today, however, especially since the radio DJ was reading Florida weather reports in between updates on the many, many traffic problems the snow was causing, I would much rather be in Florida and am officailly jealous of people who are in Florida.

Your loyal reader,


Dear Blogger,

Why must you screw with my spacing when I save a draft? And what is the deal with your spell check? I require spell check!

Your currently disgruntled user,


Any suggestions for how to export our weather without the use of hurricanes? Wait, I know!

(1) Invite politicians to give speeches
(2) have them face north
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