Wednesday, January 16, 2008


8:55 p.m. / 20:55

It's snowing here, so I drove straight home from work tonight instead of going to my new little house. I should pack more stuff since I'm here, not there. I'm tired, though, and I really just want to curl up with a book and then fall asleep. I was tired last night too, but I was at my house and right now, there are way fewer distractions and certainly no comfy bed there. So, I was able to push myself a little and I got the whole bathroom cleaned and I washed all the bins and drawers that go in my big fancy fridge. I even started on the kitchen cabinets, but I got too tired and came home to sleep. Anyway, the snow is pretty, but it wrecked my plans so I nearly failed to appreciate it until my co-workers, one in particular, starting acting like children in the parking lot. It took that to remind me of the magical side of snow.

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