Thursday, December 06, 2007

Where Shall I Start?: Another Random Post

10:05 p.m. / 22:05

Random Thing One
I'm having a run of those days where I just don't want to be a grown-up. This is a bad place to be when you're in the middle of buying a house.

Random Thing Two
So this thing happened half an hour ago or so and I cannot decide who was being more ridiculous. I went to the dinning room to grab some hot chocolate and a mint chocolate Lindor truffle from my shoe. (Dear non-Catholics / non-Germans, today is Saint Nicholas Day!). The mint chocolate Lindor truffle was GONE. It was my only mint chocolate Lindor truffle. I reacted badly (double meaning) by stomping my foot and saying "Dammit"! My father appeared at the top of the stairs moments later to ask what had happened. "Oh, that was me discovering you stole my mint chocolate Lindor truffle!" I said. He came downstairs and tried to place the blame on my mother who isn't home and so did not take my candy anyway. He thought he knew where she'd stashed some extras, and returned with a regular chocolate Lindor truffle. I explained I didn't need another one of those; he'd taken the mint chocolate one. He found one somewhere; probably stole it from my brother, but my brother doesn't like candy (not kidding), so that's not so bad really. He gave it to me, but tried to take one of the others, like I wouldn't notice. I finally got my mint chocolate Lindor truffle, but I realized after I ate it that somehow I was still short one. He had his own in his shoe; why'd he have to take mine?! I'm 26; I probably shouldn't get so worked up over candy, but he's... 57, I think, so what's his excuse?

Random Thing Three
A little bit after the candy fiasco, I bundled our mean little calico cat, Gizmo, up in my arms and carried her around for a few minutes. I was wishing her a happy holiday, kind of singing to her, and then I told her about how she's been part of the family for three years now. I reminded her that it was right about three years ago that my dad found her outside his office building and got suckered in by her kitten-cuteness. He brought her home and ever since then, I explained, she has been fed and loved and kept warm and had (mostly) clean litter box to use and she's just so lucky, and it was right around then that she emitted one of the meanest, most guttural growls I've ever heard out of that cat to let me know that holdy-time was so over and I was so dead.

LMAO! Especially the Gizmo story. . .
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