Friday, July 20, 2007

Good Morning

6:59 a.m. / 06:59

Actually, I don't really believe in good mornings. It's something I say mostly in hopes that people will leave me alone until I'm more awake. I'm definitely not happy about being awake this morning... less so than usual. I'm trying to remind myself about the Harry Potter festivities that are taking place tonight, but I just keep yawning, which aggravates my sore throat (am I getting sick?!) and I start thinking about going back to bed again. Not really an option. It's not my style to call into work for the day, and then attend a big shindig later that night. Calling in sick = grounded for the day. I'd better get moving if I'm going to pull myself together in time this morning.

Saying good morning so people will leave you alone - I've never thought about it that way. Does it work?

Now I'll probably wonder about anti-social motivations when someone says good morning to me. Whee!
I usually shorten it to 'Morning.' That way when I get the odd curmudgeon that says, 'What's good about it?' I can say, 'I never said it was good, just that it was morning.' They usually leave me alone after that. I suppose most people don't want to argue semantics in the mornings.
i too say 'morning', because the only place that seems to come up is work, and if i'm at work in the morning, i'm probably not thinking it's too good.
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