Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Slightly Busy Week

9:25 p.m. / 21:25

While I continue to be a bum and / or be busy with other things, please enjoy this picture of my family's cats, and leave comments that will reinforce my delusion that you actually miss my writing.

The big black and white "squad car" cat is Merlin. He is about seven years old and sometimes we call him the Phantom Cat, because he's shy and guests rarely, if ever, see him. The smaller calico cat is Gizmo. She is about two years old, but still almost as playful as a kitten. She has all of her claws and will use them if provoked. Or not provoked.

Busy, fine. But bumming is not a valid no-writing excuse.

We'll need a "please excuse" note from your cats.
awwww!!! such cuteness!!! I think the coolness of cats is 50% based on their ability to sit around and look cute... cute little fuzzy home furnishings in vivo.
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