Tuesday, May 01, 2007


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Since I haven't felt like writing anything new, I'll give you something old. This is pretty much the only poem I've ever written that I'm actually proud of, and I know I've thought about posting it before, but I don't think I ever have. I wrote this in my high school creative writing class. The assignment was to write either a prayer poem or a curse poem. If there is anyone out there who has not been told by me what this poem is about, and can figure it out just by reading the poem, I will be fairly impressed. Just so you know.

To Be Forgiven

May you be forced to walk in your bare feet across
the ice of your hearts,
And may you stand naked, exposed to the eyes of all,
for the observation and judgement of every move you make,
And may you be left out in the rain,

stripped of all you thought you were,
And may you know in the cores of your icy hearts,

in the central pits of your beings,
in your souls,

exactly how it feels to be ridiculed for all that is nothing,
And may all your accomplishments

be blotted out by moments of embarrassment,
and the contorted stories of your pasts

told by people who do not know you.

May you suffer all that you have caused me to suffer,
so that you may understand what you were a part of.
And may you suffer this way so that you can

understand a part of me.

(In the highly unlikely event that anyone noticed, some of these lines are usually together, but I broke them up here for formatting purposes.)


The "figure out" challenge tempts me, even though I'd put my chance of success at or near zero. Still... must ponder.
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