Friday, April 20, 2007

Little Geek Brat

2:00 p.m. / 14:00

So, the other day at work, this woman came up to check out her books, and her son asked me if we had any monitors we weren't using anymore that he could have. It was a little presumptuous, but he was a kid and mostly I just kind of thought "Awww... a little geek!".

But when I said no, we did not have any monitors he could have, he proceeded to yell at his mom about how she needs to buy him a new computer. I was appalled.

Then he shut up for a minute, but came back with: *snotty brat whine* If you buy me a computer, are you gonna have to download a bunch of stuff before I can use it? (Mom says no)

Next, and this was my favorite and also the most appalling part, he yelled at her for giving me money ($4) to pay off part of her overdue fines, because that could have gone towards a computer.

Last thing before I finally got her books checked out so she could leave and take her little geek brat with her, he whined about how if they got a new computer it was going to take sooo looong to connect the monitor to the tower, etc. He really seemed to know what he was talking about, but he also seemed under the impression it would take hours, rather than minutes.

So, anyway, (and this makes me feel so old, it really does), KIDS TODAY! GAH!


Wow. An evil geek in the making.
I know there's that anti-violence towards kids thing going on in our society... but... if I was his mom I may have just smacked his mouth right there in public. It would be hard to argue against it.
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