Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Hope You're In The Mood For Random

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I hope you're in the mood for random, because I have no idea where this is going. I think I'll start by saying that I totally owe you a post. My stats have been pretty great this week, even though I've only posted once. Blogging is not about stats, I know that, but my point is you've been paying attention even though I've given you very little to pay attention to. Is anyone else finding it odd that I'm writing in second person tonight? Don't I usually write in first person? Do you see what I mean about random?

I've had a pretty good weekend so far; how about you? I got some cheap shirts at Kohls, drank a little Woodchuck for the first time in too long, ate awesome cheese pizza, listened to a university jazz band, walked in a Step It Up protest march against building yet another coal-fired power plant in the area, went to Barnes & Noble and, oh, yeah, bought another book, but also spent an unusual amount of time browsing picture books. And I had cool people with me for all of it! (If you weren't there for any of it, you're probably still cool anyway!)

So this is definitely random, but someone asked me last night if I knew of any good books about animal rights, and I was totally stumped. It was almost kind of embarrassing; I mean I'm a tree-hugging, vegetarian, pro-small farms bibliophile, and I don't know of a single animal rights book to recommend. So, I was wondering if any of you out there in the blogosphere know of any good animal rights books.

So, yeah, books. Let me tell you what I've read lately. I read a book called Love Is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song At a Time by Rob Sheffield. It's a memoir of sorts; non-fiction. It started off strong, but I was a little glad when I finished it. Some parts were laugh-out-loud, run-to-the-next-room-and-tell-someone-how-funny-it-is funny, but other parts dragged. So, I didn't love it. You might, though. I know all books affect people on an individual basis, but I think this one might be even more that way. After that I read another little non-fiction book that was hilarious and horrifying called Bad Bridesmaid by Siri Agrell (I believe I was still reading this one when I posted earlier this week, so it's down there under the what am I reading question). In a way, this book sort felt like a waste of time, but damn it was funny too. I know I've tormented at least a couple of friends re-telling some of the horrible things that happened to the former bridesmaids in the book. I have been a bridesmaid twice, and neither time was a bad experience, but if I'd read this book first, I might never have agreed, for fear of losing my friends, because that happened to a lot of the girls in the book. I also finished the book I nick-named The Jesus Book. It's real title is Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith, and it's by Rob Bell. For the most part, I liked it. In fact I'm hoping to devote a whole post to it eventually, maybe, because I have kind of a lot to say about it.

I've been doing kind of a lot of re-reading lately, which as I may have told you before, is unusual for me. Anyway, I re-read a short young-adult novel called Homeless Bird by Gloria Whelan last weekend. I read it for the first time probably at least five years ago, and it might be the origin of my interest in India, since it takes place there. Two of my friends recently read books I recommended to them (and sort of forced on them). So, I spent a little time re-reading bits and pieces and last chapters of both, reminding myself why I loved those books so much. One was Welcome To Temptation by Jennifer Crusie and the other is The Solace of Leaving Early by Haven Kimmel.

Okay, I'm almost done with all of this randomness, I just have one more thing to tell you. When I got home from the protest today, I had a mystery e-mail telling me that Kristin Gore's new book is due out in July!!! The e-mail was a review of the book that was sent from an online database, so I have no idea who sent it to me, but I was so excited! I hadn't heard the news until then, but I've been waiting and watching for Kristin Gore to write a second book ever since I first read Sammy's Hill. Anyway, the new book is called Sammy's House, and I can hardly wait to read it.

Alright, I'm done; you're free to go now and read something with better structure.


I've not seen Woodchuck in Florida; now I'll have to start paying attention. And if it's not available here... well. Guess I'll mix that metaphor when I cross it.

And sometimes, re-reading really hits the spot. For me anyway; your monkeys-- well, you know the rest.

I just put up a couple more parts of my review of Rob's "Velvet Elvis" at

Join me there to discuss. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the book.
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