Monday, April 23, 2007

For Once I Had The Last Laugh / Talking Dirty

9:40 p.m. / 21:40

So, you've all seen this picture right?

Well, some of the boys at work managed to re-create the picture with me in place of President G.W.B. . This is hilarious to them, because I'm a vegetarian. Anyway, they were all waving it around today and having some laughs, and I was told that while I was out of the room one of the dear, dear boys made an extra-inappropriate joke. It was all too easy to imagine, but I inquired anyway: Was it a pussy-eating joke? Someone indicated that, yes, it was indeed a pussy-eating joke. I nodded and turned to walk off. As I walked away, N. said that it had been funny when C. said it, but it was just plain weird hearing it out of my mouth. The others seemed to agree with the statement. I turned back around and said, "See, when I really want too, it is so easy to mess with you guys!". For once I had the last laugh.


So, while I'm talking dirty, I'd like to get something off my chest: It is one of my greatest professional fears that someday I will accidently write Pubic Library on something. It would be bad enough to write it on anything at all, but I particulary fear writing it on something of some importance.


That would be a really funny typo!

BTW, I *finally* did the six weird things you tagged me for three or four months ago.
since hearing you swear freaks them out, imagine what they would do if you threw out a word only people with really horrible language use, like the dreaded C-word. seriously, try it, and see if their heads explode.
lmfaco. that's hillarous
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