Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bit Of A Conundrum

1:40 p.m. / 13:40

I am on a waiting list to borrow the CD Alright, Still by Lily Allen. I have not heard any of the songs on this album, I just read or heard something somewhere that made me interested enough to place a hold at the library (a.k.a. work; I'm never sure which term to use here).

Here is the conundrum: Target has the very same CD on sale for $8.00 this week. I have seen used CDs that cost that much, sometimes more. I could by-pass the hold list and get it today. But what if I hate it? $8.00 is still a little much for a CD I'm never going to listen to again, isn't it? It's not going to be $8.00 anymore by the time I get to the top of the list, and get to try it out for three free weeks.

I realize the obvious answer is wait, then burn a copy. I don't do that though. It's not a moral thing, I'm just weird. Mix CD's are great, but when it comes to complete albums I prefer to go ahead and waste my hard-earned money on actual factory-produced CDs, complete with cover art, etc.

So, I have to decide to either buy the CD now for $8.00 or wait until I've listened to the library copy, and pay more.

Sometimes the 30-second samples on a CD's Amazon page help me decide. Your monkeys may vary of course...
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