Monday, March 12, 2007

Please Don't Make Me Wear Peg-Leg Jeans

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For something like five years now, I have seen hints that 80's fashion might be coming back. As much as I dreaded it, I even figured it was inevitable, since I had already seen a 60's revival, and then and even stronger 70's revival. I have to get off-subject here already to tell you that I continue to think it's hilarious that when I was a freshman in high school, everyone thought the 60's were really cool times and that the 70's were really uncool. Yet, by my senior year That 70's Show was a hit and we were all buying cloths that made my mom say "Oh, that reminds me of when I was in college!".

But now back to my concern that there might be an 80's revival. It's no longer a concern, really, it's now more like a truth. I spent an unusual amount of time at the mall Friday morning, and oh, no, the 80's are back. There were girls (much younger than me-- some schools were out last Friday) wearing leggings under their skirts, or skirts with bright diagonal stripes and uneven hem lines. And then there's Claire's. It's just full of big, bright, often neon, plastic jewelry. Yuck. I think the store actually had more scary stuff than the website, but I picked out a few items to show what I'm talking about.

I think every girl in my kindergarten class (S.B. kindergarten class of '87) had one or more bracelets very much like either the one above, the one below, or both. I know I had a heart bracelet that featured different colored hearts making a rainbow around my wrist.

Above and below we have loop earrings with tiny prints. I declare them weird, especially the pair above.

Neon body glitter: 80's meets the present.
Neon nail polish. Oh, no, that's not tacky at all.
Animal print combined with neon; does it get any worse?
I remember the neon (or sometimes pastel) paint-splash prints of the 80's fairly well, because... well, I liked them at the time.
Leg warmers! Need I say more?

Maybe this is old news to some people, but I was blissfully unaware, for the most part, until now. Can we get this over with quickly and move on to 90's revival?

I think I just puked a little. But as long as we never see a side-ponytail revival, I think we'll be alright.
Hmm. Wonder what flavors of Chucks qualify as 80s?

To the Batmobile! I mean... Converse archives!
I had a teacher in high school who'd been in high school himself in the late 80's, and remained a bit obsessed with that decade. He was partial to red Chucks, which he still wore to school sometimes.
there are a few things i can deal with. if the teens want to wear fishnet fingerless gloves or something, i'm okay with that. but pegged-leg pants aren't flattering on anyone, and god help us they are back. i don't know if i want to run and hide, or just vomit.

also, i imagine neon or splatter-printed chucks would be the most stereotypical choices. personally i'll be sticking with my black, purplish-wine, and grey with black and yellow that somehow remind me of batman. i almost never wear my red ones.
I'm waiting eagerly for the plastic shirt-buckle things to come back, myself. Or huge hairbows. Or scrunchies. Or slouch socks.

OK, not really. I'm actually hoping this all blows over very, very quickly! :S
OH LORDY! The plastic shirt buckling thingies! Damn me for ever doing that!

Still. . .better than a side ponytail.

What about hair crimping? Will we see hair crimping again? Ah, I remember my crimping iron. . .
actually, i think i've seen some hair crimping on models and such...
Hey Bibliogirl. You should link to in your music section! :)
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