Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Cupcakes Are Photogenic And I Have New Shoes

10:10 p.m. / 21:10

Actually, I was told my cupcakes really aren't photogenic, but I think they look damn tasty. Take a look for yourself:

My new green shoes arrived today! I should have them broken in by next Saint Patrick's Day.

yay for shoes! even though i know you paid too much money for them.

the cupcakes do not get a 'yay' because you didn't give me any.
I didn't really pay too much money; I just payed more than you would have payed.
I vote tasty... though I wonder what it would take for a cupcake to not look tasty... mmmmm cupcakes....
I don't know about photogenic, but I can verify that they were quite tasty :D
*sniff* no cupcakes for me.

also, a reasonable amount of money to pay for canvas shoes (no matter how cute a color) is probably $10-$15 more than what i would have paid, but still a good 10 bucks less than you paid. this is based on me assuming you paid the going rate, and the going rate is just wrong. that's why i bought all mine on uber clearance ($7-$15).
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