Thursday, February 15, 2007


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For some reason I'm having a lot of trouble organizing my thoughts lately. My mind has just been jumping all around. Maybe it means I need to start taking Adderall again. In any case, it really doesn't bode well for blogging, let alone my more important offline life. I can think of a half-dozen things to write about tonight, but my brain won't slow down and stick to one topic long enough to really write about any one thing. So, um... I really can't make any guarantees about the quality of what's below... or above, even.

For some reason I keep staring at the tiny deck of cards my friend BTP delivered to me at work yesterday. He rescued them from the floor at a restaurant / arcade, and now they're mine. Probably I'm staring at it because it's the newest item on my wildly disorganized desk... most of this stuff I've been looking at for months, maybe more than a year. Last week I uncovered valentine cards I got a work last year.

As I sit here toasty in my flannel pajammies, I'm reflecting on how nice it was of another friend (one who comments here as evilducky77) and her husband to let me crash on their sofa last night since the streets became sheets of ice while I was visiting with them. This leads to further reflecting on how totally freakin' awesome it is to have a job with lots of paid sick, personal business and vacation time. I knew it'd be dead at la biblioteca this morning, so after I called to alert them to the fact that I would be late... okay, later than usual, I took my time getting there and actually sort of enjoyed the morning. It was a gloriously sunny morning, even if it was still bitter cold.

One of the cats has cabin fever. Maybe they both do, but Gizmo is always kind of restless, so it's hard to say with her. Merlin, though, is definitely getting anxious for warmer weather so he can get back to going outside to meditate in the ivy patch, the occastional scuffle with Oreo from across the street, etc. Nothing, the always-outside cat, hasn't been seen since I brought him inside for a bath last Wednesday. I'm worried he wasn't as dry as I thought he was when I put him back out, or that maybe all that dirt was helping him stay insulated, and I should have waited until spring to help the poor old man with his grooming.

I'm doing something I rarely do; I'm re-reading a book I've already read. It's one I really, really, very, very much loved the first time I read it. So far, so good for the second time around, but I'm not going to say which book, because somehow I feel like that will jinx my finishing it. On Sunday and Monday I started and finished Kavita Daswani's third novel, Salaam, Paris. I definitely enjoyed it, but For Matrimonial Purposes is still my favorite of her three novels.

Before Salaam, Paris, I finally finished up Charmed Thirds, the most recent book in the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty, which I started reading while I was sick at the New Year. I read Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings without hardly stopping during the first week of January, and then moved on to Charmed Thirds. It really dragged at first, so I spent a lot more time on it. It ended satisfactorily, though, so I'm looking forward to the fourth book, whenever that may be.

I'm starting to realize that I'm almost not looking forward to the seventh Harry Potter book. It just seems so unlikely that it will end in a way that will satisfy me.


We going to go buy the new HP at our local Barnes and Nobles again? Want to go preorder with me sometime?

It was our pleasure having you as a houseguest. You are welcome anytime! :)
I'd probably go to the party with you again if they have one, but I'm not buying the book until it comes out in paperback.
speaking of books, thanks again for the surprise hold. expect a looooong post with many pictures after the research fieldtrip i have planned. because thanks to the book, i totally found another one.
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