Monday, January 15, 2007

Shoes! Lots Of Shoes!

10:20 p.m. / 22:20

I've gone through my closet and picked out some of my favorite shoes to share. Two things you should know about me and shoes are:

1. I really don't have any justification for owning so many.

2. When I went vegetarian five years ago, I decided that if I wasn't going to eat animals for nutrition anymore, I couldn't wear them for fashion either, so I don't buy leather shoes.

These are some of the only shoes you will see here that I actually wear on a regular basis. I love these and would gladly own a pair in every color.

I only meant to buy the brown ones, because they're more versatile, but I just couldn't resist the green ones. The green ones were on sale, and there was a long debate there in the aisle at Shoe Zoo and some calculations to determine if it was completely insane of me to purchase both pairs, or just slightly insane. It turned out that with various coupons and multiple-pair discounts, it ended up being a pretty good deal.

I call these my hooker shoes. I call them this because I dressed as a hooker for Halloween in 2005, and these are the shoes I wore. I got them for just $5.00! Recently I wore them again for a wedding that I was a bridesmaid in. When people complimented my shoes I said "Thanks! They're my hooker shoes!". (This only happened once or twice, and they were people I knew well.)

These are various other formal shoes I've collected from wedding-going. Actually, I wore the silver ones when I graduated college. All three of these are Unlisted, which used to be my favorite for formal shoes. Now they're making all of their shoes with leather soles, even when the uppers are satin like these.

These are my witch shoes for much the same reason my hooker shoes are my hooker shoes. In 2006, I was a witch for Halloween. Aren't they the most excellent witch shoes ever?

Argyle corduroy slip-ons! How awesome! They were a bargain, too.

These are my favorite heels. I know they don't look as special as some of my others, but they make me happy! I wore them to work once and it turns out I can't stand in heels for eight hours, even if they are heels that make me happy.

I have two pairs of patent (fake)leather shoes, both of which probably look more hookeresque than my hooker shoes, but neither of which I owned when I dressed as a hooker for Halloween. Both were pretty bad impulse buys, but the black ones were $12.00 on clearance, and that's not so bad!

These are just plain cute.

These are my most comfortable shoes, but I never leave home in them. I will wear flip-flops in public and I will wear old shoes in public, but I can't bring myself to wear shoes that are both old and flip-flops in public.

I'm already thinking of shoes I wish I'd included, but didn't, and I'll probably do something silly like buy more shoes I don't need, so there might be a part two to this sometime.

Nice shoes! I really *love* the green ones in the second photo.
the black ones don't strike me as hookerish. the red ones, definately, yes.
I COVET those turquoise LEI slides. I want them very, VERY badly!

I also wish I could find the brown ones of the brown and green twins in a size that would fit my fat foot :( They are super cute, and I am muy jealous.
A fine collection, though pretty much everything beyond the first pic seemed kind of girly to me (duh!). I'm definitely partial to Chucks. And I had to step into the Wayback Machine to find it, but you might appreciate the footwear featured in this post.
You make me want to go re-organize my shoes. Your shoes are way cooler than mine, btw.
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