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Oh, Woe Was Me!

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AP English Journal
Week of August 30 - September 5, 1998


My brother is proud of me because I kicked him, and it hurt.


School is a very weird thing. It depresses me, excites me, annoys me, teaches me, and entertains me. I can't stand it half the time, but wouldn't give it up for anything, except maybe to save a life. I don't see that choice as one I'll probably ever face, though. I think I'm giving myself a headache.

Week of September 13 - September 19, 1998


Ugh, ugh, and did I mention ugh! Work sucks. Why can't college be free? Don't answer that. I can think of several examples myself. Anyway, the point is I might not need a job if I didn't have to pay for college. Actually, I sometimes like to go to work. If I've had a boring day, sometimes work tops is off quite nicely. The past two nights were not fun though. My boss really does stupid stuff sometimes. She made me ask the customer if the grilled cheese she burnt was too well done.

I'm not super crazy about either of the new guys. One is intelligent (I think) but somehow actually manages to be too helpful. He doesn't quite understand sometimes that certain things become complicated when more than one person works on them. The other guy... well... basically he's stupid. I asked him to go the freezer and look for a bucket of caramel praline ice cream, and he looked in the refrigerator. Then I asked him to put it down "over there" until I was ready for it. He had some trouble finding "over there".

Week of September 20 - September 26, 1998


Algebra is absurd, damn it!


I'm looking forward to Saturday morning. I plan to be sleeping Saturday morning. Sleep sounds good right now. I'm making myself sleepy.

For almost every lab that we have done in physics so far, we have used the same equipment. They just rearrange what we're supposed to do with it. I want to play with some different stuff next time.

"Undefined K" is having a great deal of trouble with her Calculus. It's playing games with her mind. Sometimes it's funny to watch.


I'm wondering if you ever got to use different stuff in physics labs. Seriously, these kinds of thoughts form in my head unbidden and I can't help but entertain them. Please don't turn this into a cliffhanger-filled serial...

Why yes, I *am* easily amused. How did you know?
i remember one physics lab where we had to rub a rod with a cloth to build a static charge. one girl at my table was really good at it, and being that she was kind of slutty, i wonder if there was a reason she had such skill at rod rubbing.
After reading some of my AP journals recently, I came to the startling conclusion that I was (am) certifiably insane, that's it. There was nothing else. Just crazy.
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