Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dozens Of Decks

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I have dozens of decks of playing cards. I haven't counted them recently, so I'm not actually sure how many dozens, but I'm positive I have at least 24 - 36. Why? I have no idea, really. It kind of began by accident. I bought one too many souvenir decks on a trip to Cedar Point six and a half years ago and commented that I must be collecting. As you may be aware, once you're even sort of collecting something... something fairly cheap; I doubt this would work will with say, emeralds, for example... people start buying whatever it is you're collecting for you as gifts. So, people started bringing me souvenir decks from their trips and so on. I went through an eBay phase and bought several decks for myself that way. I've actually tried since then to give up spending my own money on the collection, but I still wind up buying a deck here and there anyway. Probably the weirdest thing is I don't even play cards that much. I don't know how to play major games like Poker and Bridge. Once upon a time, I sort of knew how to play Euchre, but I don't really remember any of it anymore. Mostly I play Rummy... when I get the chance. So, mostly my card collection sits under my bed in a box. I decided to drag it out to see the light of day again, or really, my camera's flash. There are too many for one blog post, but here are some to start off:

Over-Priced But Way-Cool Mixed Drink Cards

These are actually really nice cards to play with, and they're pretty too. In theory, they're practical too, since the recipe for each mixed drink is right on the card, but I haven't tried to follow any of the recipes. I was disappointed there is not an amaretto sour card.

Political Cards (HeeHee!)

These are from the eBay phase. They're really cool, but they were also kind of a rip-off. I had been under the impression I was getting two decks of cards for the price. Ah, well. The deck includes a key card that tells who everyone is, which is nice.


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