Wednesday, January 17, 2007

But I Still Don't Think Bono Is Sexy!

11:20 p.m. / 23:20

I think my U2 fandom reached new heights today. I drove back to work for the second half of my (surprise) split shift with U2's new 18 Singles collection turned up loud. Shortly before I got there I had an absolutely euphoric thought. What if U2 by U2 was released as an unabridged audiobook read by the authors! It would lack the all the great pictures featured in the large hard copy, but it would be so cool to hear them tell their stories in their voices. Anyway, I was so swept up in the music and thinking about how cool said audiobook would be, I think I forgot where I was and what I was doing for a minute. I can't remember the last time I arrived at work in such a good mood.

Audio books read by the authors are the best. And I'm going to have to get U2 by U2. Saw it on the shelves late last year then-- well, I kind of forgot about it. That happens sometimes...
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