Sunday, December 17, 2006

Things I Should Have Blogged About When They Happened, But Didn't

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September and October were not good blogging months for me this year. I actually went from mid September to mid October without posting even one little post. So today I'd like to back up and write about a couple of things that happened back then that I so should have written about when they happened, so I could more accurately pass on the excitement of them.

Rockapella came to my hometown for the first time this fall. I've now seen them at least four, possibly five times. In all honestly, I don't get out my Rockapella CDs and listen to them all that much, but wow, they really do a good live show. They always have, but I think they're just getting better. Somehow I wasn't really all that excited that night before the show. Maybe I was just tired, or I'd forgotten how much fun Rockapella is. Whatever it was, it ended almost as soon as the concert started. I was practically on the edge of my seat all through the evening. These guys can really sing, and not only can they sing, but they are funny! They truly know how to entertain. So if you hear that Rockapella will be performing near you, definitely try and get a ticket.

Also back in the fall during my blogging drought, I met Nancy Pearl.

Nancy Pearl, for those who are not cool enough to already know is, I think, the first celebrity librarian. She is the author of Book Lust and More Book Lust (recommended reading listed by unusual categories) and there's even a Nancy Pearl action figure available. I have both books and the action figure. I wouldn't have thought books about books would be so readable, but they are, and I just think it's the coolest thing that someone decided to make a librarian action figure (with real shushing action!).

Okay, now back to the part where I met her. She came to town to do a workshop for librarians, but there was also a public talk in the evening. I went to the public session with two friends, one of which recently talked about the evening on her book blog. I was exhausted that evening, but I am so glad I went. She gave a really good talk, and afterwards did a book signing, so now both of my books are signed. The funniest part of the evening, for me at least, was when she was describing how she usually talks. Evidently she shares my problem of skipping around in a verbal story. She calls it hyperlinks, which is actually a pretty good way of describing it. My friends have always said I talk in footnotes. I was really glad she turned out to be such a nice, interesting person, in person.

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