Sunday, December 03, 2006

I Got Thrown Out Of A Bar

11:55 p.m. / 23:55

Getting thrown out of bars is not a normal activity for me, since you have to be in a bar to get thrown out of one, and I'm rarely in a bar. Also, I've always sort of felt that getting thrown out of a bar would almost have to involve drunkenness, but I was quite sober.

I got thrown out, because I decided to climb a metal railing surrounding an outside area, rather than walk back inside and go out the other door. I had no idea I was doing this right in front of two security guys. They didn't have on the black-and-white T-shirts I saw burly men wearing inside. I considered the possibility they weren't really security, but they were really, really mad at me, so I think they really were security. (Hey, I used the word "really" four times in that sentence.) I thought the problem was probably that it looked like I was sneaking in, so I showed them my purple wrist band so they'd know I had payed the cover charge. No good; they still said I was out. I had no problem getting the attention of my friends from outside the enclosure, but it took a bit for it to sink in with them that I had been thrown out and I was definitely not joking. It was late, so we all just went home after that.

So, yeah, climbing a railing can get you thrown out of a bar. However, earlier that evening another girl and I ran into a guy we know in the women's restroom. Security got wind he was in there and one of the burly guys in a security T-shirt came and poked his head in. I don't think he even said anything to the guy once he saw he was willing to leave the restroom without protest. I'm not really complaining that there was a guy in the girls' room. We know him, and he was in there on a bet; no big deal really. I just feel like I was treated sort of harshly by comparison.

The occasion that caused me to be in a bar in the first place was a bachelorette party. One of my good friends is getting married in two weeks. She's thrilled to death because now there's a story about her bachelorette party. She never expected one of her bridesmaids, especially not me, to get thrown out of a bar at her party.

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