Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Winter Wimp

11:45 p.m. / 23:45

I was informed earlier this evening by my mom that it could snow here tomorrow. Snow is a sure sign that winter is really, truly arriving. But I am not ready. I don't particularly like winter. It's cold. I don't want to be cold. I often think I might like to hibernate. I have built up a lot of sick days at work. Too bad I can't use them to take off the month of January, or at least most of it, and hibernate. With my luck, though, January would turn out mild, and then February would be brutal, and cold winter weather would extend all the way into April. So, probably I'll just buy another sweater or two and drag myself to work every cold day of the whole cold winter and try not to complain too much. At least since I can't actually afford rent on my salary, and thus live with my parents, I am spared the dreaded winter heating bill.

Random Picture:
My United Nations snow globe was given to me by a friend who visited New York City a couple of months after I participated in the 2005 Midwest Model United Nations.

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